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Importnew Note: There are not 100 of them in the original text. The authors would like to recommend a high-quality Java development Blog and then add it to this list. You are also welcome to participate in the recommended high-quality Java development blog. (statement: Our maths is not taught by the P.E. teacher!) :) )

The main purpose of this article is to collect a global network of high-quality Java Developer blogs. Some of these blogs are not written by pure Java developers, but Java developers can find something useful or interesting. Reading these blogs will be very interesting and sometimes bring some fresh ideas to you.

Google 's ranking algorithm, large-scale sites will be relatively high. This is not fair for some small, high-quality blogs. Some sites have very large traffic, but the quality is not high. My definition of high quality is:

    1. The article is readable and original.
    2. The author of the article has a strong interest in the technology itself.
    3. The article puts forward some creative ideas on the basis of personal understanding.
    4. There are not too many ads in the blog.
    5. Blog update frequency is relatively high.

As a result, many of Google 's top blogs do not appear in the list below. If you know some of the recommended blogs, please leave a message to tell me. Since this list is growing fast, please only recommend high-quality blog sites.

Name (site name or person names) Countries Note
1 Adam Bien Germany Java EE Related
2 Antonio Goncalves France Java EE related (author of Java EE 5 and Java EE 7)
3 Henrik Warne Sweden Some thoughts in the process of programming
4 Billy Yarosh United States Practical code examples in Java daily development
5 Lars Vogel Germany Java, Android,and Eclipse
6 Peter Verhas Hungary Pure Java
7 Martin Fowler United States Object-oriented design experts and consultants
8 Bozhidar Bozhanov Bulgaria Java EE Related
9 Richard Warburton United Kingdom Java 8 Lambdas
10 Bear Giles United States Java EE Related
11 Marginally interesting Germany Machine learning
12 Pascal Alma United States Java EE Related
13 Dror Helper United States Code testing and code quality
14 Juri Strumpflohner Italy Javascript
15 Reza Rahman United States Java Ee/glassfish
16 Phil Whelan Canada Web Technology
17 Brett Porter Australia The author of Apache Maven 2
18 Ben McCann United States Some practical operating instructions (co-founders of Connectifier)
19 Java Posse United States some useful links to Java related
20 Mark Needham United Kingdom Data processing
21st Iris Shoor Israel Commissioning technology, performance, etc.
22 Yifan Peng United States Java Development, algorithms and data Structures (a blog for undergraduate graduates)
23 Nikita Salnikov Tarnovski Estonia Memory leaks
24 Dustin Marx United States Some common development technologies, as well as Java, JavaFX, groovy and other related technologies
25 Bart Bakker Netherlands Agile development
26 Gunnar Peipman United States Non- Java(C #,. Net related)
27 Dave Fecak United States What programmers need to know about work skills
28 Jooq Switzerland Sql
29 Petri Kainulainen Finland Web Technology
30 Informatech CR Costa Rica Java,Web,Mobile Development
31 Arun Gupta United States Java EE
32 Mechanical Sympathy United Kingdom Performance (lock, garbage collection, compilation optimization, etc.)
33 Extreme enthusiasm Italy Agile development
34 Steve Blank United States The author of the startup Owner ' s Manual (entrepreneur's Guide)
35 Oliver Gierke Germany SpringSource (now VMware 's division, providing Java Enterprise Application development Platform)
36 Nicolas Fr?nkel Switzerland Java EE
37 Blaise Doughan United States XML and JSON related
38 Vlad Mihalcea Romanian Software integration
39 Kevin Lee Australia Web Technology
40 Mikhail Vorontsov Australia Performance (Study of the performance of the language itself)
41 Jakob Jenkov Denmark Java Basics
42 Program Creek United States Deep understanding of Java
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100 high-quality Java developer Blogs

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