100 IOS Programmer Face Questions Summary

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Whether for the company or the developer or the designer personally, the interview is a time-consuming project, this article from the programming, design, APP store and other aspects of the iOS developers and designers in the interview may encounter problems in the screening and summary.

On the one hand, can help HR to get more feedback in a short period of time to better select the right person, and iOS developers and designers in the search for relevant work, but also as a reference to prepare for the interview.


    • What did you study yesterday/this week?

    • Why are you passionate about software development?

    • What kind of control system are you familiar with?

    • Have you been involved in a GitHub project?

    • Do you participate in iOS open source projects on GitHub or other sites of the same type?

    • Please describe your iOS app development process.

    • Are you familiar with Cocoapods? What is it? How does that work?

    • Please summarize your understanding of software licensing and its impact on software development.

    • Please summarize the testing process when you build your iOS app. How does the iOS app support other languages, date formats, and currency units?

    • Please describe the instruments and its role.

About iOS Technology

  • Please explain what handoff is and how it can be used to interoperate with iOS and mac/Web applications.

  • What technologies and services does icloud include?

  • What does iOS extension mean? Can you list some popular or common examples?

  • What is HealthKit?

  • What is HomeKit?

  • What is Apple pay? Can you describe how to use Apple Pay in your app?

  • Please explain the iOS app sandbox mechanism.

  • What is voiceover? Please explain the accessibility features (accessibility) in iOS for example. How do developers use these features?

  • How does the iOS app implement background multitasking (multitasking)?

  • What are Game Center features for iOS games?

  • What is ibeacons?

  • What is Cocoa/cocoa touch?

  • Please summarize what core audio,core data and core location are. What do they mean for iOS apps?

  • Please describe the role of Spritekit and Scenekit.

  • What is metal?

  • What is the response chain (Responder Chain)? How does it work?

  • What actions do buttons and other control methods respond to?

  • What role does the Appdelegate play?

  • Please explain nsuserdefaults. As far as you are concerned, how would you serialize the array objects on disk?

  • How will you store the user's authentication information?

  • What is Keychain service?

  • Why is caching and compression on mobile devices essential?

  • Please explain ~/documents,~/library and ~/tmp. What directory is in iOS?

  • How does the airplay work? What would you do with programming to improve the usability of your application and demonstrate the results?

  • How does the sensor, IO, and WiFi, dial-up Connections work on the iOS platform? What is the value of their use? Please give a brief talk about your point of view.

  • What are the hardware performance differences between the IPad 2,ipad mini 1-3,ipad Retina,ipad Air 2,iphone 5, 5S, 6, and 6+? What are the limitations of performance-focused applications?

About programming

  • What does Cocoa touch contain? What does it contain?

  • Why does the class name for Cocoa touch start with two uppercase letters?

  • What are swift and objective-c respectively? What is the difference between the two, and what is the connection?

  • Why is optional important in the Swift language?

  • Please explain nserror. Under what circumstances can nserror be used in swift, and under what circumstances?

  • Please explain how to use instancetype and its importance.

  • When should I use a let in swift, and when should I use Var?

  • Why is the map function necessary? Under what circumstances should it be used?

  • What tools would you choose to track bugs?

  • If a bug is found in cocoa, what will you do with it?

  • How can I fix a new version of the app if it regression? How do I prevent users from encountering new bugs during their use?

  • How does the Objective-c class perform? How is the OBJECTIVE-C runtime implemented?

  • How does iOS improve security and protect users ' privacy information?

  • Apps can download and display data instantly. How to determine the best location for downloads based on MVC?

  • How does MVC affect the design of the code base (Codebase)?

  • What are the debugging methods for Controller life-cycle and view life-cycle respectively?

  • What design patterns are used by iOS (Patterns)? What design patterns are used in your code base?

  • What threads does iOS provide? How do I make the most of these threads?

  • Please briefly describe the process of uiscrollview execution. How does it respond to gesture recognition (Gesture recognizer), multi-Touch (multi-touch), and run loop?

  • What APIs do you think iOS needs to add or improve?

About the interface

    • What are the screen resolutions for IPhone5, 6, 6+, and ipad Air 2, respectively?

    • What is the resolution calculation unit?

    • Please explain the role of interface Builder and the concept of nib files.

    • What is the image storage type for IOS UI?

    • Please describe the difference between the storyboard and the standard nib file.

    • What is the device status bar? How high? Is it transparent? How does it appear when you're on a phone call or in a navigation state?

    • What is the navigation bar (Navigation bar)? Can you come up with your iphone and indicate which apps you downloaded use the navigation bar?

    • What are the tabs (tab bar) and toolbars (Toolbar) respectively? What are the similarities and differences between the two?

    • What is a table view? What is a collection view (Collection views)?

    • When does the "Eject (Popover)" Property work best?

    • What is a Split-view controller?

    • What kind of content is the picker view (Picker views) suitable for?

    • Under what circumstances should labels, text fields, and text views be used?

    • What does a segmented control (segmented control) do?

    • What is the modal view (Modal view)?

    • What type of iOS notifications are?

About Design

    • What does the iOS app icon mean? Please describe it in as much detail as possible.

    • What is the application icon for the minimum size and maximum size?

    • Can the app icon contain transparent parts?

    • What is the difference between a newsstand icon and a regular application?

    • Please explain the splash screen (Launch Images).

    • What does auto layout do? Please summarize how it works.

    • Why add animations when designing software?

    • Please describe the interaction and feedback in software design.

    • What are the factors that should be considered when designing iphone and ipad apps?

    • Please describe the meaning of prototyping for software development. What is its role?

About the app Store

    • In-app purchases (In-app Purchases) What's going on? What are the new experiences that IAP can bring to users?

    • Have you ever published an app on the App store? Can you summarize the process?

    • What is ITunes Connect?

    • Provisioning profiles is the point?

    • What is the App ID?

    • What are the similarities and differences between iOS development and publishing signing certificates?

    • How do I use TestFlight? How do I use the UUID when I publish an app through Ad-hoc?

    • When should I validate my purchase receipt?

    • What are the requirements for publishing iads (Apple platform ads)?

Fun Quiz

    • Have you developed any interesting things recently? What's your most proud piece of work?

    • What are the advantages of your common development tools?

    • Who is your most admired standalone Mac or iOS app developer?

    • What's your favorite item? What kind of?

    • What do you think is the need to improve Xcode?

    • Which APIs do you like best on iOS?

    • Do you have the most favorite error report?

    • Which method do you like best to test whether a new technology works?

    • Why is the dictionary called Dictionaries, not Hashtable or HashMap?

100 IOS Programmer Face Questions Summary

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