12 debugging tools for PHP developers and php developer debugging tools

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12 debugging tools for PHP developers and php developer debugging tools

PHP is a script language that develops rapidly and is most widely used in practice. It contains many features such as detailed documents, a large community, countless scripts available, and support frameworks. These features provided by PHP make it easier to use than scripting languages such as Python or Ruby.

To build innovative and fun Web applications, PHP developers are constantly searching for useful tools. In this article, I collected 12 PHP debugging tools from developers, which will help developers easily find and debug errors in applications and scripts. The following PHP debugging tool supports Ajax requests and contains a common data collector and a stack-based error processor. I hope you can see the convenience and usefulness of this list in future projects.

1. Kint

When debugging PHP code, var_dump (), print_r (), and debug_backtrace () are our most commonly used tools. Kint is an open-source software and a replacement without installation. It provides a better debugging experience. It cleverly detects almost unreadable data and customizes them to output display of rules. Variables, files, row numbers, and packaged functions are all prompted.

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2. DebugBar

DebugBar is a free and open source software that can be integrated into any PHP project to collect and locate data. It does not have third-party dependencies and supports Ajax requests, including common data collectors and integrating common libraries. The generated bar is implemented in 100% JavaScript and placed at the bottom of the page (like a development tool ). New collectors and views can be easily added, and previous requests can be saved or re-run.

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3. Pinba

Pinba is an open-source MySQL storage engine that can be used as a PHP Statistics Service. It uses received data to analyze PHP application performance and quickly locate any problems.

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PHPMD is a front-end that is easy to configure and friendly to PHP original dependent metrics. It looks for a variety of potential problems in your code, including possible bugs, unsuitable code, unused parameters, and so on.

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5. Xde Bug

Xdebug is a free and open-source PHP extension for debugging and analyzing PHP script details. Because it is an extension, it is easy to use and requires very few settings on the encoding end. It provides all data of stack trace and function trace in error information, including all parameters of user-defined functions, function names, file names, and row flags. Xdebug also provides data for memory allocation, analysis information, and code coverage analysis.

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6. Whoops

Whoops is a PHP library that makes error handling and debugging easier. This library provides stack-based error handling and has a nice UI. It has a simple API for handling exceptions, which can track frames and their data, and can be integrated with any framework (end and Silex are already integrated in a built-in manner ).

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7. Krumo

Many PHP developers use print_r () and var_dump () to debug hard-read or unformatted output results. Krumo is a replacement of these functions and can display structured information of any PHP variable. After Krumo runs, the output will be displayed as a foldable DHTML tree structure around PHP variables. At the same time, it accelerates the debugging process by turning off the debugging process rather than disabling all tracing paths in the code.

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8. Php Debugger

Debugging is the process of discovering and fixing bugs. PHP Debugger is the best tool to help you quickly locate errors and remove them from your PHP program. You can set remote debugging in PHPEd and enable it through the PHP debugging settings in the Wizardand DBG wizard.

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9. Php Debug

The basic purpose of PHP_Debug is to provide assistance when debugging PHP code.

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10. Webgrind

Xdebug is one of the most popular PHP debugging extensions. It provides a lot of useful data to help you find bugs in the source code.

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11. PHP_Dyn

PHP_Dyn is an excellent open-source PHP debugging tool. You can track function execution and get an output of function parameters and return values.

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12. MacGDBp

MacGDBp is a PHP debugger on mac OS. It has all of your desired features, and is a full-featured debugger that includes sentence-by-sentence running and breakpoint setting.

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We recommend a php development tool.

Development Tools depend on your needs. Zend Studio is recommended in the background, and the only IDE that runs through the entire project. If it is on the front end, what-you-see tools like Dreamweaver are more convenient.

A PHP Web page editing software, preferably

Editplus and others are specially developed for PHP. If you are interested, you can try it and find out which ones you can use properly. I recommend three Zend Studio, dzSoft PHP Editor and Editplus are also used by me. I hope they will help you.

Zend Studio
Developer: www.zend.com/store/products/zend-studio.php
Currently, it is recognized as the most powerful PHP development tool. This integrated software package includes the customer and server components required for editing, debugging, and configuration of PHP programs. The software package has an industrial standard PHP development environment, code Completion engine and a fully functional debugger.

NuSphere PHPEd
PhpED has become a leading product in the PHP field through unparalleled PHP debugging and compression capabilities and a new NuSOAP web Service wizard. A more powerful Project Manager makes it easier to publish sites and applications than before. Now, you can test and adjust programs that are running or under development at the Thread level. Support for Version Control of CVS, and local support for PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases provides a wide environment for PHP to use open source databases. However, it does not support Chinese characters well. Chinese characters are processed as single bytes. PHPED is also available in Linux.

PHP Coder
PHPCoder is used for rapid development and debugging of PHP applications. It is easy to expand and customize and fully meets the individual requirements of developers. 1. Combined with the PHP compiler and reference documents, you can preview the edited PHP script in real time. 2. HTML and PHP code can be highlighted. 3. Automatic completion, user-Defined code snippets can be automatically completed; 4: Standard function prompts; 5: dedicated engineering project managers; 6: file inclusion information in the object browser search and editing; custom functions, it is displayed in a tree. 7: Support for searching symmetric statement markers; 8: Support for Advanced Search and replacement; 9: built-in FTP function; 10: Support for running and breakpoint debugging 11 :...... In short, PHPCoder is a very practical and powerful programming environment, and it is free of charge!

Ankord PHP Expert Editor
PHP Expert Editor is an easy-to-use PHP development tool that takes care of beginners and professional developers. PHP Expert Editor has built-in http server for testing and debugging (you can also use other http servers), PHP syntax check, FTP functions, code templates, and other functions.

DzSoft PHP Editor
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