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Linux runs the flight control system, the banking system, and so on, and even runs the nuclear submarine system. Your lives, money, and deaths are in the hands of Linux, so we can make you live, and you can ruin your life and even kill you. You know, the importance of Linux is almost unbelievable. A world without Linux could be very different and could be a place where computing has no effect. Perhaps such a world would fade into darkness, and Linux would be the reason that the world would not continue to exist, ending a world that was dim or dark. ”

Here are 12 little-known secrets about Linux, which prove that Zamlin's statement is not exaggerated, so Linux is a often forgotten operating system, but in fact it has always been the OS that people rely on, but people don't realize it.

1, Android phone and Tablet PC from Linux start

Android, the very popular mobile operating system, uses Linux as a base, and today, as many as thousands of Android devices are activated every day, this is closely related to Linux.

2, the user's TiVo is also supported by Linux!

3, Linux supports the vast majority of supercomputers around the world.

4, the Linux operating system running Japan's high-speed railway

You know, in Japan, every train leaves or stops, there is support behind Linux.

5. Support high-tech traffic control system

San Francisco recently began using traffic controllers to manage traffic, and these systems have been supported by Linux.

6. Toyota uses Linux to make cars more popular

Toyota's "Inside Information entertainment" and communication systems are all equipped with Linux operating systems.

7. Help Milking milk

Delaval, a 122-year-old dairy Equipment Company, has applied Linux operating systems to a robotic system to help the robotic system milk the cows.

8. The New York Stock Exchange is supported by Linux

Financial giants often need very reliable software systems. The New York Stock Exchange has been able to reduce costs and increase liquidity and flexibility since it began converting operating systems to Linux in 2007.

9.Linux helps support particle physics research

CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, relies on a Linux system to control its giant particle accelerator.

10. The flight control system uses Linux to ensure that passengers reach their destinations safely.

11, the nuclear submarine needs to install the Linux operating system to run

In 2004, the US arms giant Lockheed Martin Lockheed a nuclear submarine to the U.S. government, which uses Linux as its operating system.

12. Internet giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook use Linux to run different networks and cloud services.

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