1305 fake apps in a random cottage? Maybe there's a big blue sea you don't know.

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Malicious, the existence of the Cottage app, in fact, provides an application audit outside the "anti-virus" market. This result, will be very similar to the rogue software rampant, security software appears and eventually become the return of traffic entrance.

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Wen/Zhang Shule

Published in the April 2017 issue of the corporate magazine

On the eve of the 315 International Consumer Rights Day, well-known Internet tools Wi-Fi Universal Key announced, as of March 2017, the Wi-Fi master key combined with the major application market and mobile phone manufacturers, in each channel a total of 1387 times "Wi-Fi Universal key" of the cottage application, through efforts, 1305 times the cottage has been temporarily applied to the shelf.

However, a popular product has thousands of fake products, this seemingly extreme case, in fact, the entire cottage app chaos as the tip of the iceberg.

Many netizens in the Spit slot cottage app, can not help using the popular language: I may have used a fake app. But this cottage app is under the black, is it just an intellectual property defense war?

A popular app behind a Lego cottage

The rise of Shanzhai apps is largely due to the suppression of malicious apps.

WiFi Master Key Chief security Officer Goodwell said that in 2015 the National Internet Emergency Center accumulated more than 17,000 malware reports to 302 application market stores. As the country's efforts to increase, malicious software profit space weakened, began to turn to another profit model-Shanzhai software.

An agency survey showed that in the 10,000 popular genuine software surveyed, the average of every genuine software has hundreds of cottage versions. The purpose of many Shanzhai apps is not complicated: rub hot spots. An application under the red, through the cottage way to achieve maximum exposure and user attraction, and may even form an effective mode of replication and beyond. In addition, the use of a cottage way, to induce users to install new applications, to earn promotional expenses.

This phenomenon originated in the field of hand travel. In 2015, the rise of the IP heat, the earliest originated in the hand tour, there is an IP hand-Tour download conversion rate is no IP game 2.4 times times, revenue is no IP game twice times. And a large number of manufacturers can not buy IP to take the cottage way to attack, short-term effect is remarkable.

But hand-tours tend to be more plagiarism in patterns, rather than simple cottage IPs, although most are still very poor.

As in the summer of 2016, a "Shan Hai jing Go" Hand tour, that is, through the global Hot Hand Tour "Fairy treasure Can Dream go" leap Red, overnight in the Chinese Apple App Store download list from more than 300 to more than 50. Another game called "City Elf Go" was even earlier on the shelves of the cottage "Pokemon Go", which was considered highly similar in function. Of course, the reason is the early release of the "Fairy Treasure can Dream go" propaganda video, in advance cottage.

Only, such a cottage, is still a short-term effect, to meet the domestic users are only a short period of time can not get started in the original game of hunger. In the world, Pure cottage IP, often only bring a certain eye benefits. But the hack of speculators still remain, with data showing that 60% of Google Play's top 100 apps are being pirated in various forms.

However, some of the cottage app just got a short attention, and the application download page under the bad comments like tide, soon for its fiery fate announced the end.

Relying on the simple cottage and the fate of the user spurned, in the domestic start from the past game application, to the application of tools to promote. The days of the cottage app will soon be easy, and they are clear. As a result, the current cottage app is "upgraded".

From simple counterfeiting to malicious counterfeiting

The cottage itself is malicious, just this malicious, is moving from a simple rubbing hotspot to a direct malicious your wallet or a long-term stare at your wallet.

According to media analysis, the current Android phone is the hardest hit in the cottage software. Among them, tools, games, lifestyle, medical beauty and other apps are most likely to be shanzhai.

But perhaps this kind of cottage wind has shifted, and may be online and offline. Some malicious applications, for example, "weeding" in a cottage way. On a shared bike that exploded in 2016, a variety of malicious shanzhai apps were on their way.

According to Fuzhou local media reports, including Fuzhou, a number of national bursts of shared bicycles are affixed to fake two-dimensional code fraud, the common is on-line sharing cycle on the collection of two-dimensional code, and then trick users to scan the code transfer, or online production of high-imitation shared bicycle official website, for fishing.

Recently this model is also in the "Upgrade", that is, these fake QR code no longer points to easy to be seen in the transfer page, but instead become a downloadable cottage app, through the way of Trojan horse to steal user information, stolen net silver.

Not only is China, this kind of phenomenon is spreading all over the world. As in November last year, the New York Times web site reported that in recent weeks, hundreds of of fake retail and product mobile apps have landed on Apple's App store, deceiving consumers while holidays are coming.

But in the eyes of the industry, compared to malicious apps, only the hot spot does not directly steal money of the pure Cottage app, the nature is even worse. Because they are thinking about the user's wallet to do long-term consumption. Moreover, this long-term consumption with a strong concealment, and its focus is not on the Internet, but aimed at the real economy and some old-time.

February, Beijing Union Hospital through the media issued a warning, said it in the Apple store found false Beijing Union Hospital mobile phone app, fake union hospital app to register as the name, cheat the patient ID number, name, mobile phone number and other important information, there is privacy leaked, the risk of loss of property.

"This is actually the past online false advertising app variant," the industry said: Because of the support of the cable store, and provide the corresponding services, such a cottage app is extremely confusing, but also often led to a lot of continued services, such as the diagnosis and treatment of users, suffering from a greater loss, including money, even delay medical treatment. At the same time, for the Shanzhai app and its corresponding brand, its reputation damage is higher, and often more difficult to explain clearly.

Cure cottage behind industry blue Sea

Malicious, fake apps, in essence with the PC era of viruses and rogue software is not much different.

There must be "anti-virus software" here. And Android and Apple seem to have little idea about it. In particular, the Cottage app, Goodwell earlier said to the media, because the cottage app is not a malicious program, so there is no way to define illegal procedures, killing force is not very large.

The company said in its marketing campaign that its detailed audits were an advantage over Google's less stringent Android smartphone application platform to prevent fraudulent software, improper use of other company's intellectual property rights and software that was harmful to consumers, the US media reported. In practice, however, Apple is more concerned with shielding malware than routinely checking whether there is a legal connection between the thousands of mobile apps sent to the itunes Store each day and the brand names they list.

In the state of self-playing, in fact, provides an application audit outside the "anti-virus" market.

Many manufacturers in China have seen this opportunity. QQ mobile phone Butler, 360 mobile phone assistant, such as old-style mobile phone security applications, are providing this kind of killing cottage app services, smart phone manufacturers such as Huawei, millet, etc., but also in their own application shop to increase the investigation and enforcement, and for their own mobile phone built-in with the Killing Cottage app security applications, In order to improve the user experience and viscosity.

Some manufacturers go farther, carrot, and the demand for users is more vertical.

For example, 360 mobile phone assistants organized a testing team of 11 experts last August to conduct in-depth testing of 88 Internet finance apps and to publish a white paper on the status of information security in mobile Internet finance apps. For the exposure test found 10 major hidden dangers, including communication data plaintext, communication data can be decrypted, sensitive data local can be cracked, debug information leakage, sensitive information leakage, misuse of cryptography, functional leakage, can be two times packaging, debugging, code can be reversed and other analysis, in order to give financial applications of senior users, to provide more curable The "Pain point" of the targeted solution.

On the hardware, the powerful gionee of the age of the function machine tries to make a turnaround with a secure mobile phone. Late last year, the new mobile phone, Kim M6, announced that in the Financial app installation process to proactively identify the built-in virus, Trojan app, stop the installation process and alert users.

Such vertical "anti-virus" is now being put on the agenda by more smartphone makers and mobile app developers. And some manufacturers are trying to build a similar killing and soft Security Center, continue the PC era 360 Butler and QQ Butler walk through the road, will become a new, secure application distribution platform, from the current more than 300 distribution platform stand out. Or in the context of smart phone hardware without disruptive innovation, with a differentiated user experience, deep binding users, especially premium users with strong pay demand.

Zhang Shule TMT Industry observers, game industry commentators, People's daily, People's post column author number: zsl13973399819

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1305 fake apps in a random cottage? Maybe there's a big blue sea you don't know.

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