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CLARIFYJS allows you to concatenate a string of methods and execute them in any order. The usual JavaScript methods are executed from left to right, and CLARIFYJS allows you to change the order in which they are executed. Also, you can control the Async method by choosing whether to let the process wait for a particular asynchronous method to finish or to continue after execution.


Superstruct provides a simple way to validate data. It is inspired by typescript, flow, and GRAPHQL, whose main purpose is to validate the data at run time and return detailed runtime error messages. It can be used to validate user input when using the rest or GRAPHQL API.


JavaScript layout engine for creating differentiated, multi-functional interactive layouts. Support full customization of layouts with built-in drag-and-drop, quick animations, and filtered sorting. It uses web animations to process animations, and uses hammer.js to implement drag-and-drop.


Neutrino creates JavaScript projects based on Webpack, supporting presets and shared configurations. Presets are the core of neutrino, and use its baseline presets to build a variety of projects. You can also create your own presets by extending them.

ccxt (CryptoCurrency eXchange Trading)

This is a Javascript/php/python library for cryptocurrency and e-commerce transactions. It allows you to connect to the crypto currency exchange and complete the payment. Supports the Bitcoin/ethereum/Alternative currency trading market, fully implements the public and private APIs of each exchange, provides quick access to transaction data, and can be used for storage, analysis and visualization.


Reactopt is a CLI react optimization tool that identifies events in your app that might cause unnecessary repainting. This library was developed to replace the React-addons-perf module, which was not supported after the react 16. Currently, it supports click/double click, Drag, KeyPress, KeyDown, and input events.


Luxon is a powerful date and time library that supports datetime, duration, and interval types to parse and format common or custom dates. Luxon supports using time zones and using native Intl APIs for internationalization.


Front-end build system for automating WordPress development Workflows. Provides integrated Web servers and automatic overloading, postcss and scss preprocessor, as well as flexible, customized builds. Also built-in Babel compiled ES6 code, support the new JS syntax.


Spectre is a completely free, responsive CSS framework. Supports basic styling, typography, Flexbox-based responsive, mobile-first layout systems, and beautiful, pure CSS components. Very compact, only 10KB after compression, but supports most modern browsers.


For custom API routing, rapid.js can accelerate API encapsulation and build class ORM interfaces. It provides basic crud methods, as well as get (), post (), put (), Patch (), delete (), and Head () methods to implement basic requests. Almost no configuration, suitable for building any API.


Parcel is a fast web App packaging tool that doesn't have to be configured. Support for packaging JavaScript, CSS, HTML, file resources, and automatic module conversions using Babel, Postcss, and posthtml. It also has a very friendly error log that supports syntax highlighting for easy location problems.


Free now UI toolkit, based on Bootstrap 4, ultra lightweight, full response. Contains 10 custom components, 2 preset landing pages, and an icon library based on the material and font awesome packages. Developers can customize their scss files to modify existing layouts or create their own layouts.


You can dynamically add highlighting to text that is matched by a keyword or regular expression. Built-in support for diacritical marks (diacritics), independent word search, custom synonyms, iframe, custom filters, and more. Can be used alone or as a jquery plugin.


This mini-Library enables you to search, sort, and filter different HTML elements. It's small, simple, easy to use, and non-dependent. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and ie6+ all have plugins.


Uppy is an open source modular file upload library. You can select files from local, Google Drive, Dropbox, Instagram, remote URLs, and other locations and upload them to your final destination. Very small, and simple interface, very suitable for mobile browsers.

Recommended 15 JavaScript and CSS libraries

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