15 gorgeous flat-style logon interface design examples

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For any website, the logon interface is one of the most important pages. The design of this page is constantly evolving, and designers will make full use of the latest technology and popular design advantages to apply it to the login interface design. In the past 2013 S, flat design has become a very popular design style. You can expect more designers to create flat design-style logon interfaces in 2014.

To help you prepare for this change, I have selected some pretty flat login forms for you to use as a source of inspiration for your future projects. Whether you design a logon interface for a webpage or mobile application, these examples are covered.

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#1: Flat login design with full screen image and photos


#2: Transparent flat login screen by Rich Smith

#3: Flat login design on Behance


#4: Flat login screen by cssflow


#5: Flat login page with cool background color


#6: Use of photos in flat login design


#7: Retro flat login design by Marina Belova


#8: Animated flat login design by CHI-YI CHAO


#9: Horizontal flat login design by Nicolas Bittencourt


#10: Elegant flat login using typography


#11: Using drawings in flat login page by Mark Kwong


#12: Flat login design for mobile by Calvin Smith


#13: Full screen photos with flat login design by Luiz Carlos Cavalcanti


#14: Sophisticated flat login design


#15: Floating flat login design

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