15 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries

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1. Wing

Wing is a miniature (4KB only) responsive CSS framework that provides a 12-column responsive grid and a basic set of styling components that will provide a solid foundation for your build-up effort. The coolest part of the project, of course, is that most of its HTML elements are automatically styled without any additional classes. Hope you will like it!

Here:wing Project Address

2. Shave

Shave is a 0-dependent, lightweight JavaScript plugin that truncates multiple lines of text to accommodate max-height-based HTML elements and stores the original text string in a hidden <span> element so that your text remains intact in the page. Shave does not rely on any libraries, and it provides a standalone version of the plugin in JQuery.

Here:shave Project Address

3. Cerebral

A JavaScript MVC application state Manager, and it has a separate debugger. In cerebral, the state of an application is stored in a single tree model, which manages the state of all server-side and client states.

The debugger has real-time administrative permissions on models, controllers, and views.

Here:cerebral Project Address

4. Wenk

Wenk is a lightweight, purely CSS-written text tool tip library. Although it has a compressed version of only 700 bytes, it is still able to manage and provide some customization options. such as the size, position, and text alignment of different ToolTip tools.

Here:wenk Project Address

5. CSS Loader

CSS Loader is a very useful loader. It allows developers to quickly create load indicators using pure CSS files and an empty <div> element.

HERE:CSS Loader Project Address

6. Yarn

We have heard about the recent open source node. JS Package Manager Yarn that Facebook has launched. It has a powerful caching system that significantly reduces package installation time and maintains the same node module (node_modules) directory structure for all users involved in a project, helping to reduce difficult-to-track bugs and replicate across multiple machines.

Although it has a different background from NPM, using Yarn can be almost equivalent to using NPM, and developers need to get to know it faster!

Here:yarn Project Address

7. Canvas Gauges

Canvas Gauges is a fully customizable instrument made from plain JavaScript and HTML5 canvas (canvas) that you can use to create measuring devices such as speedometer, thermometer, etc.

Because it has a small amount of code and is not dependent on it, it is also suitable for IoT devices. You can learn about it by using the sample website.

Here:canvas Gauges Project Address

8. CSS Icon

CSS icon is a collection of the editor of the Pure CSS code implementation of the icon set site. It is also very simple to use, when you click on an icon, the icon will pop up the corresponding HTML and CSS code, and you can intuitively understand what part of the CSS code, the implementation of the ICON elements.

Do you have to give full marks for such a great project? Come on, enjoy!

HERE:CSS Icon Project Address

9. Currencyformatter.js

Currencyformatter.js is a simple and practical pure JS formatted currency library. It supports currency formats in 155 different countries, as well as localization settings for more than 700 different languages.

In addition, it can handle some currency formats that are not in use and are very powerful.

HERE:CurrencyFormatter.js Project Address

Ten. Kute.js

A native JavaScript animation engine with high performance: Kute.js. Its core library provides all the basic animation methods, and you can add many plugins to enrich the Kute functionality. It also has a separate extension to work with jquery, SVG, CSS properties, and so on.

HERE:KUTE.js Project Address

One. Vue Material

Vue Material is a lightweight vue.js framework built on the Material Design specification. It is designed to provide a reusable set of high-quality components and a range of UI elements to build applications with Vue2.0 support for modern Web browsers.

The library is also easy to implement, with no dependencies other than vue.js.

Here:vue Material Project Address

Test Cafe

Test Cafe is a pure node. js written for testing WEB application end-to-end solutions. It is based on node. JS and does not need to install anything other than the NPM package-no browser plugins and no compilers required.

Once you have written the test, run the tests Cafe, which will test your browser, collect the results, and create reports.

Here:test Cafe Project Address


CORE.CSS is a lightweight framework for building responsive web sites. It compresses only 1.3kb, and it has no pre-set elements and built-in animations. So it's suitable for building any small Web project.

HERE:CORE.CSS Project Address


B Station believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar, and flv.js is by the Bilibili website open source HTML5 Flash Video (Flv) player, pure native JavaScript development (ECMAScript 6 written), no Flash.

It works by flv.js the stream of FLV files in JavaScript, and in real-time to encapsulate them as fmp4, which is fed to the browser via Media Source Extensions, enabling the playback of the FLV format video.

HERE:Flv.js Project Address


Next.js is a generic JavaScript framework based on React. It provides a convenient way to create a new JavaScript WEB application. Developers don't have to spend too much time building Webpack or Babel configurations.

HERE:Next.js Project Address

15 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries

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