15 not to be missed front-end development JavaScript and CSS Class Library-version 2017 ~

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The front-end JS and CSS class library is changing, in today's introduction, we will carefully select 15 excellent JS/CSS class library, I hope you will find it helpful in the development process ~

Core UI

A set of UI class libraries based on BOOTSTRAP4, Coreui is an Administrative template for admin, providing a highly customized solution to create control templates and platforms. There are several different versions that help you quickly integrate the most popular frameworks, such as AngularJS, react.js,vue.js, etc.

React Trend

A react version of the component from Unsplash to easily create a line chart that can easily display trends and active related data. This project uses minimalist design patterns, giving you a straightforward way to achieve your goals. So don't expect to provide a full-featured class library. Of course, there is also an unofficial Vue version available, click here to get


Element is a vue2.0.js-based UI framework. A style design with more than 50 components, including a specific design and color selection. Each element has very good documentation and is very easy to customize and implement on-line vue.js. It also contains a practical sketch template to help you design mockup


Modern Lightbox plug-ins can support video and images in sync, providing a pop-up sliding picture. The special drag feature is the support for both tags and background-image elements, giving developers full freedom.


Do not judge by appearances, this is not a react component. Reactive listener is a miniature class library from Zurb that allows you to create advanced event monitoring that responds to the complex behavior of click and hover related. Currently only the user can be identified to move to the element, but more cool listening will be added in the future


Eagle.js is a Vue.js Framework class library that is used to create web-based slideshows, very similar to reveal.js, supports animations, themes, interactive components, so it's easy to reuse components, styles, slideshows


This class library is a JavaScript version of the well-known C + + box2d class library, and box2d has been used by game development engineers for many years. Planck.js optimizes the engine of the web/Mobile browser, providing an open source JavaScript code base and API. This way developers will be more comfortable creating 2D games and other physics-related experiences

Create React Native App

With the success of the Create React app, there is a React Native app tool that does not require any compilation configuration. Allows react Native apps to be configured and tested without the need to install Xcode or Android Studio

Pushy Buttons

A very mini-css-only 3D button with a very good down-pressure effect. Buttons available in 4 sizes, 3 colors, very easy to customize with sass, or simply modify CSS source files


Lightweight click-to-Move Animation class library, gzip only 1KB, you can experience


A powerful JavaScript class library that detects URL addresses in any string or text. Fast, accurate, and with a lot of customization features. Contains useful features such as converting URLs to clickable <a> tags

RPG Awesome

Free icon font with nearly 500 awesome vector icons. Can be customized by sass ~

Tent CSS

Tent CSS is a framework that provides the simplest responsive development. Lightweight, 5kb, with a modern flexbox grid for page layouts

The above is the content of this issue to share, have any questions and suggestions, please leave us a message ha ~ ~

15 not to be missed front-end development JavaScript and CSS Class Library-version 2017 ~

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