17. Definition and use of constants and structures in C #

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In C # , constants refer to a fixed amount. This constant can be a numeric, text, or Boolean type.

For example:

       // Define constants
            Const intage= -;
            Const stringname=" Little Red " ;
            Const BOOLflag=true;
            // try to modify the constants, but this is not feasible.
age= -;
name=" Xiao Lan " ;

Explanation: The definition of a constant is to add a keyword to the left on the basis of defining the variable Const.

In C # , the definition of a struct is actually a custom data type. What to say is that the custom data types within the language are very similar.

The structure is defined in the following general:

Public struct -Custom data types


Public type variable name ;

Public type variable name ;


For example, define a type: Book.

public struct Type_book


public string title;

public string Price;

public string author;


Define a type of: student.

public struct type_student


public string name;

public string age;

public string gender;

public string Great;


Example: Define a type of: person. and use them.

             Public struct Type_person
             Public string name;
             Public string  Age;
             Public string Gender;

use the structure type of this definition.

            Console.Write(" Please enter your name:" );
            Console.Write(" Please enter your age:" );
Xiaohong. Age=Console.ReadLine();
            Console.Write(" Please enter the gender:" );
            Console.WriteLine(" Name:{0}; Age: {1}; Gender: {2} " , Xiaohong.name, Xiaohong. Age, Xiaohong.Gender);

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17. Definition and use of constants and structures in C #

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