20 most powerful browser-based online code editors

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Have you heard of or used the 20 most powerful browser-based online code editors?

1. Compilr

Compilr is an online compiler and an online IDE. You can use it to develop PHP, C, C ++, and Ruby. Compile Java, C #, and VB.net in the browser.
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2. Dabblet

Cross-browser compatibility is a problem that must be addressed by front-end city attackers. In order to display a unified display effect between browsers, the attacker not only needs to add a CSS prefix for each browser, but also needs some special CSS Hack techniques. Therefore, online testing tools for front-end Code such as jsFiddle and JSBin came into being. However, using jsFiddle is still inconvenient. To solve this problem, Lea Verou, a front-end attacker, developed an online testing tool named Dabblet for HTML and CSS code segments.
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3. jsdo. it

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4. Thimble, by Mozilla

Mozilla, a non-profit organization behind Firefox, just announced the launch of a Thimble HTML/CSS online interactive learning website, which is part of Mozilla's recently launched Webmaker program, it aims to help common Users learn and compile HTML and CSS online.

Thimble provides a dual-panel design. The code with syntax highlighted is edited on the left, and the webpage effect can be previewed in real time on the right. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can click the blue "Publish" button in the upper-right corner to Publish the product. You can also share your design results with your friends through the Twitter Publish button provided.
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5. Jsfiddle

JsFiddle is an online shell editor that uses popular JS frameworks to create custom environments to simplify JS Code. It can be used to test the sample code.

In addition, you can add an Ajax echo backend and automatically load resources through a series of JavaScript frameworks, such as MooTools, jQuery, Dojo, Prototype, YUI, Glow, and Vanilla.

Another important feature is the ability to save and share a unique URL generated code. jsFiddle also has an embedded function.

It provides an interface consisting of four parts:

  • HTML editor
  • CSS Editor
  • JavaScript Editor
  • Output page

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6. CodeMirror

Another "Online Source Editor", based on Javascript, is short and concise. It is highlighted in real-time Online Code. It is not a subsidiary product of a rich text Editor, he is the basic library for many well-known online code editors.

It can be seen that the author of CodeMirror is a very yearning for freedom. But his CodeMirror is definitely not simple. Let's take a look at the following list:

  • Google Earth KML sampler
  • Eloquent JavaScript's console
  • The qooxdoo playground
  • A cool tutorial about the element
  • An online IDE for the Orc programming language
  • Google's API playground
  • Rapha opencl Live
  • JS Bin
  • The RokPad plugin for Joomla
  • The scraperwiki editor
  • JsLinb UI Builder

These online code editors are based on CodeMirror. Are you surprised that they contain your familiar JS Library.

CodeMirror itself is clearly positioned, short and concise, but the code quality is very high. In the Google Group, people are enthusiastic about using CodeMirror for various transformations, we can see the welcome to him. Demo demos in different languages are as follows:

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML mixed-mode
  • HTML + PHP mixed-mode (courtesy of Yahoo !)
  • Python (by Timothy Farrell)
  • Lua (by Franciszek Wawrzak)
  • Ruby (by Michal Hantl, unfinished)
  • SQL (by John Benediktsson)
  • PLSQL (by Peter Raganitsch)
  • Diff (courtesy of Liran Nuna)
  • Groovy (by eXo Platform)
  • C # (by Boris Gaber and Christopher Buchino)
  • OmetaJS (by Eric KEDJI)
  • Scheme (by Danny Yoo)

If you have a project that requires online code editing, what are you waiting? CodeMirror is definitely your best choice.

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7. eXo Cloude IDE

Application Development is also moving to the cloud. EXo developed a platform as a service (PaaS) and became eXo Cloud IDE. This IDE can easily deploy Java applications on the cloud. The code exists in the cloud and can be accessed over the Internet. Therefore, it is faster to move an application from the development stage to the production stage.

VMware's Cloud Foundry PaaS is already using this method. It helps developers create Java, Spring, Ruby, and other types of applications and deploy them to Cloud Foundry within minutes. All of these are done in the cloud.

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8. JS Bin

JSBin is a Web application mainly used to help test JavaScript and CSS code snippets. The function is consistent with that of the jsFiddle website.
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9. CodeRun

CodeRun Studio is a cross-platform integrated development environment developed based on the JavaScript language. It is based on the design concept of cloud computing, allowing developers to easily develop, debug, and deploy network applications on the browser side. As an APP product, CodeRun integrates with the sharing mechanism. developers can choose to upload project code and use Cloud technology to collaborate with colleagues to complete project work. Currently, CodeRun mainly supports some Web development languages, including C #/. NET (3.5), PHP (5.1), JavaScript, HTML and CSS, among which C # project includes ASP. NET, WCF, Silverlight, WPF, MVC, and other projects. The JavaScript script project supports popular JQuery, ExtJS, YUI, and other frameworks. The database supports SQL Server 2005 and Amazon SimpleDB. Finally, it is particularly worth mentioning that CodeRun is an open-source program.
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10. eCoder

Ecoder is a Web-based code editor developed using PHP and JavaScript. It includes: Real-Time syntax highlighted, a file browser, A File Uploader, and a tag system that can directly edit multiple files on the server at the same time.
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11. Kodingen

Kodingen online cloud IDE integrates image editor, code editor, and even a large number of server features, including built-in SQL database, MySql database creation, and independent FTP file system, with support for collaborative office, you can even use Kodingen as an independent server when it is not working. After creating an account, you can directly use it through xxx (User Name) .kodingen.com. By default, php support and ror support are enabled, and perl and python support can be set.

Free users: MB space, 1 GB/month traffic, 1 second-level domain name, 6 third-level domain names, 5 databases, and 5 FTP accounts. Three code editors are available: bespin, codemirror, and ymacs. You can install common applications with one click, such as wordpress, drupal, phpmyadmin, cakephp, mediawiki, phpbb, and joolma.
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12. EditArea

EditArea is a Javascript-based, online, highlighted source code editor. This editor was designed to provide online code editing with a Teaxarea. In addition to syntax highlighting, it also provides text search, replacement, and other functions.

Of course, this editor is open-source based on LGPL, Apache, and BSD protocols.

Main features:

  • It is easy to embed HTML pages and only contains one script and function call.
  • Support for Tab buttons
  • Real-time highlighting in multiple languages, including PHP, CSS, Javascript, Python, HTML, XML, VB, C, CPP, SQL, Pascal, and Basic. There are many other languages that are not listed.
  • Word-wrap support (not familiar with any features)
  • Search, replace, and regular expressions
  • The format of the new row is automatically indented.
  • Row display prompt
  • Multi-language support
  • Allow multiple instances on a page
  • Full-screen priest support
  • Support plug-in mechanism
  • Supports callback functions during storage and loading.
  • Dynamic Content Management (not understandable)
  • It can be used in parallel with js lib like prototype or mootools (no conflict)

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13. Codeanywhere

Codeanywhere is a code editor in a browser with an integrated ftp client, and all popular web formats are supported (HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML.
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14. Codeita

CodeRun-a free, cross-platform browser-based IDE is a free and open source Web-based IDE that uses native support for C #/. Net amount (3.5), PHP (5.1), JavaScript, HTML and CSS. C # supports the development and deployment of Silverlight and WPF applications in ASP. NET and WCF. The Database supports SQL Server 2005 and Amazon SimpleDB.
Syntax coloring and Code Completion help you during development. It also has an online debugger that allows you to set breakpoints, check call stacks, debugging, and other actions through your code steps.
You can or use it as your desktop IDE to completely replace the feature-rich and powerful CodeRun, or you can use it to upload existing code and test it on the cloud, or share it with your peers.
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15. Drawter

Drawter is a Web-based Editor (written on the basis of JavaScript and jQuery libraries). There are a lot of words that you can ask your website code and each tag to propose as one of your painting layers.
Currently, Drawter is in the Pro version (it is still free of charge), which means that the knowledge of HTML and CSS is essential. The future goal of this Drawters development is to build an amateur version that will allow you to plot what your website has no knowledge of HTML or CSS. Pay attention to its launch this year for a period of time.
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16. Maqetta

Maqetta is an HTML5 design and editing tool for creating desktop and mobile user interfaces. It also announced that it would donate the project to the open-source Dojo Foundation.

Maqetta is an open-source project that provides WYSIWYG visual HTML5 user interface design. It only requires simple drag operations and supports desktop and mobile user interfaces.

The Maqetta application is written in HTML5/Ajax, so you do not need to request additional plug-ins or downloads to run in a browser. You can download the source code and install it on your own server. You can also customize the source code to meet your needs, and then return it to the open-source project.

Maqetta has the following functions:

  • Edit WYSIWYG visualization page
  • Drag-and-drop mobile uidesign
  • Synchronous editing of design or source code browsing
  • Deep support for CSS styles

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17. Builder Pro

BuildorPro uses visualization, code editor, and debugging tools to provide a very flexible way to create and manage your website's design and trademarks. BuildorPro you can use visual control to improve your design process while maintaining full control over the Code itself.
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18. ShiftEdit

ShiftEdit is an online IDE that supports creating, editing PHP, HTML, CSS, ruby, and JavaScrip languages. It provides built-in FTP and supports real-time debugging syntax. The ShiftEdit function is still being added.

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19. Squad Editor

Squad is a Web-based code editor that can collaborate with each other and you can access it anywhere.
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20. Cloud9 IDE

Cloud9 uses cloud technology and runs in a browser, allowing you to run, debug, and deploy applications anytime, anywhere. A complete game-changer will permanently change the development method of the application. Cloud 9 allows you to focus on programming without having to worry about building environments or other things.

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