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Today, internet giants provide the Enterprise application suite mail hosting is essential services, but also always uphold the fine and glorious tradition of free, the most familiar I am afraid of not "death in the Back Room Management Center" and "Stock ditch enterprise Application" mo. Since there are ready-made, high-quality, free service, then why do we have to set up their own mail system? The reason is simple--the egg hurts.

Of course, this is a joke, I believe there is a need to set up their own mail system friends, specific reasons and starting point I think will also be a variety of, specific examples I can not get out of the moment, but could try to reverse the verification, the following will be recommended to you [20 Web Mail PHP Open Source project] believe that is the best argument , those who develop the master also like fearless as idle egg pain? No way.


SquirrelMail is a set of standards-based, PHP4 developed webmail messaging systems. It has built-in pure PHP-supported IMAP and SMTP protocols, all pages follow the HTML4.0 standard (not using JavaScript support) to maximize compatibility with more browsers, very low system requirements, and easy to install and configure. SquirrelMail has all the features that a client-mail program should have, including support for enhanced MIME, Address Book, folder operations, and so on.

02.RoundCube Webmail

Roundcube Webmail is a browser-based, multi-language-enabled IMAP client that looks like a desktop application that provides all the features an e-mail client should have, including MIME support, Address Book, folder manipulation, information search, and spell checking. Roundcube Webmail is developed using Php+ajax and requires a MySQL database to store the data, and the user interface is designed with XHTML+CSS2.


Phpmailer is a PHP function package that is used to send e-mail. The features it provides include:

*. Specify multiple recipients, CC addresses, dark addresses, and reply-to addresses when sending mail

*. Support for multiple message codes including: 8bit,base64,binary and Quoted-printable

*. Support SMTP Authentication

*. Support for redundant SMTP servers

*. Support for messages with attachments and HTML-formatted messages

*. Custom message headers

*. Support for embedding pictures in messages

*. Flexible Commissioning

*. tested and compatible SMTP servers include: Sendmail,qmail,postfix,imail,exchange, etc.

*. can be run on any platform


Phlymail is a webmail system with a user interface similar to a desktop application that supports POP3/IMAP, provides folder management, and can copy and move messages across servers when using IMAP; spam filtering; receiving/sending a plain file or HTML format with attachments ; Support for sending SMS to mobile phones; replacing interface topics. Because Phlymail is modular design, it is easy to add a variety of new features (such as RSS, personal file storage, bookmark management, etc.).


Openmailadmin is a support for Chinese and very sophisticated IMAP mail server background management system. It supports all the features that IMAP provides.


Swift is a library of PHP functions that fully uses object-oriented coding to send e-mail. Swift does not rely on the PHP mail () function because it uses higher server resources to send multiple messages. Swift can send mail faster and more efficiently by connecting directly to the SMTP server or MTA.


Ilohamail is a lightweight and feature-rich webmail system that supports multiple languages. It is a pure PHP development, easy to install and use, does not require database support and IMAP package (built-in custom of a IMAP/POP3 package). In addition, Ilohamail also provides some personal information management functions such as business card folders.

08.Inside Systems Mail

Inside Systems Mail is a webmail system developed using PHP. It is designed for any IMAP service (including Microsoft Exchange). supports a variety of data storage xml,encrypted Xml,mysql and PostgreSQL. The biggest feature of Inside Systems Mail is its speed and ease of use.


Atmail is an open source webmail client. Provides "refreshing" Ajax Webmail interface, communication record management, support for IMAP, video mail.

10.Postaci Webmail

Postaci is a cross-platform webmail system, which is independent of database, supports multiple languages, supports POP3/IMAP, fully supports MIME and other features. When you use the POP3 protocol to get mail, it uses a database to implement folder management. You can save, move, delete, and read messages on the folder. Postaci also contains address books, Notepad, and bookmark management programs.


P3mailer is an object-oriented SMTP mail script that is written with PHP5. Its main feature is the provision of support for large attachments, which is missing from other PHP mail scripts. In addition, P3mailer also has: supports multiple recipients/dark senders/CC people, supports 7/8bit,base64,quoted-printable encoding, supports HTML/TEXT-formatted messages, and supports multipart/attachment messages.


Telaen is a webmail that is developed using PHP. It does not require any database support, compatible with POP3 and IMAP protocols. So it can run on any PHP-enabled email server including SendMail and QMail. In addition, both skin and language can be easily replaced.

13.IMP Webmail

IMP is a webmail system that supports IMAP and POP3 protocols. Its features include: crypting support, flexible character set processing, virtual folders for saving search results, a WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML-formatted messages, support for MIME mail, and more.


Libgmailer is a PHP function package for accessing Gmail that provides

Features include:

# Mail Management: Read, write, save drafts, send, apply star/tag, delete star/tag, download attachments, search etc...

# Account Management: Modify the filter, modify the contact list, modify the label list, modify Gmail parameters, etc.

Features include:

# provides a method that is similar to accessing a database.

# supports secure SSL transmissions.

In addition the project also provides a pure HMTL interface for Gmail (Gmail-lite), based on Libgmailer development and removes all AJAX features. Applies to any browser (from Lynx to IE3 to Firefox) including a PDA browser (e.g., NetFront).


Xpertmailer you use it to send MIME-type messages such as text,html, HTML pages with pictures, attachments, etc., to support CC and BCC features.


Cswebmail is a Web mail system. Supports IMAP, NNTP, and SMTP, Procmail, Rich-Text mail, backup capabilities. In addition, Cswebmail provides a Clam antivirus plug-in (Clam Antivirus is an antivirus software designed for Unix and Unix-like systems).


Phpgmaildrive (PGD) is a set of PHP scripts used to share your Gmail attachments with others. It can automatically log on to Gmail and get a list of attachments, and then let others download them. Phpgmaildrive can be included in any HTML page.


Hastymail is a fast, secure, cross-platform IMAP/SMTP client. Provides a concise web interface for sending and reading e-mail.


NOCC is a webmail client that supports connecting IMAP and POP3 servers to receive mail, using SMTP servers to send emails. MIME attachment messages are supported. Supports more than 30 languages. Easy installation requires no database support.


T-dah is a PHP webmail system that uses the POP3 protocol to receive mail, and can configure SMTP, PHP mail, SendMail, or qmail to send mail. T-dah also includes the following modules: Event Calendar, group chat, folder management, mail search, and more. T-dah uses the TINYMCE WYSIWYG editor to create new messages.

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