2016 China (Shanxi Province) University cloud computing and Big Data subject Construction seminar held successfully in Taiyuan

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Recently, 2016 China (Shanxi Province) University of cloud computing and Big Data subject Construction seminar in Shanxi Yellow River Kyoto Hotel 3 Floor, Room 5th successfully held. The symposium was hosted by the cloud computing and big Data Professional building collaboration group. The main participants from more than 10 colleges and universities in Shanxi Province, the dean of the relevant institutions and professional and the principal and first-line teachers.

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At the meeting, Beijing Wonders Technology Co., Ltd. senior market consultant Mr. Shirchunbong on the school-Enterprise Cooperation in the professional construction, base construction, curriculum replacement, teacher training, joint school, Scientific research cooperation and certification services, etc. made a wonderful report. This paper puts forward a full range of professional construction ideas, supports the training system of post-project-driven talents, the reverse course design mode, the course content point-of-advance, the consolidation and innovation, and the combination of horizontal and vertical course groups to provide differentiated solutions for different institutions. The director of the Henan Provincial Cloud Computing Engineering Experiment Center, Nanyang Polytechnic University, Wang Yaoquan, a professor of the "cloud computing and Big Data specialty construction planning and Thinking" report, introduces the attempt of Nanyang Polytechnic Institute in the course construction of the national application-oriented undergraduate transformation leader. Combined with the development experience of Nanyang Science and technology, this paper introduces the experience and practice of the college's double-invasive team building, and shares the experience and results of the joint laboratory of Cloud computing Big Data jointly established by Nanyang Polytechnic and Beijing wonders.
At the end of the meeting, the leaders of the participating universities shared their experiences in the field of cloud computing and big data discipline construction. From Shanxi University of Finance and Economics, Jinzhong College, Taiyuan Teachers ' College, North University, the Institute of Technology, Shanxi University and Shanxi financial and tax professional schools and other institutions of the Dean and a professional responsible for the cloud computing and big data discipline construction of the idea, the Conference has achieved a successful success.

2016 China (Shanxi Province) University cloud computing and Big Data subject Construction seminar held successfully in Taiyuan

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