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Internship Time:2016.2.14-2016.21

Internship Location: China Big Letter (Beijing) Project Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. site

Company Profile:

Sino-Big Letter (Beijing) Project Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Big Trust Accountant Affairs Limited Company, its predecessor is Big Trust Accountant Affairs Limited Company Project Cost Audit department, engaged in the project cost consultation and the audit business more than 10 years. According to the relevant regulations of the national industry standard management, in order to adapt to the business development trend, in 98 formally set up an independent legal personality qualification of Grade A qualification project cost advisory Body-China Big Letter (Beijing) Project Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the big letter).
Sino-Big Letter is the member of the Institute of Price Association, Beijing construction Project Cost Management Association executive Director units, in the 2012-year ranking ranked 9th in the price Association, in the National project cost consulting industry is larger, more complete service functions intermediary institutions. Company headquarters is registered in Beijing, and in Hubei, Shanghai, Shandong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Qingdao, Henan, Zhejiang, Guangxi and other places with branch offices, business scope across the country. has a registered cost division as the core of the practice team.

Purpose of Internship:

Through contact and participation in practical work, to fully expand their knowledge, and cultivate the comprehensive use of capacity, for the future to lay the groundwork for work.

Internship Report:

Some people say that college is our time to accumulate social experience. But before I was a junior, I didn't think about any work or internship. When your college life is halfway through, feeling the fierce competition in the society, suddenly find that the reality of finding a job and going to work is already in front of you, you will feel confused. At this time the school unified arrangements for an internship, all students to participate in the internship, and with a record of internship. The task of the internship was given, and everyone was talking about what to do. I looked for it on the internet, but there was no suitable, so I called to ask my aunt whether the company can go to practice. The results were satisfactory, and after a week I was informed that I could go to the company internship next week.

at the beginning of the notice was very happy, soon a week past, began the internship. Because live from the company is far away, every day 5 o'clock in the morning get up, go to public transport. A few times to catch the subway peak, this week's internship can be regarded as I feel the work of the workers (subway clan) of the hard. Every day to catch the subway very early, the basic subway time of 4 hours a day, and the subway is difficult to imagine the extent of congestion. My Aunt (Senior office worker) has told me that in the winter season according to the current hours of work and take the subway time to calculate, every day she is the head of the stars to come back just to meet the moon. Every day the subway time to spend half of your energy, every day will be very tired. This is a day of the year that happens everyday, so it's easy to be haggard. The first time to catch the subway so crowded, almost standing in front of the bus will not go up, the people behind directly push up. So in the crowded and noisy crowd to the destination. In the initial thought of the company internship is still a little excited.

But this "subway cry" makes me have no interest in all. Because the company in my internship when sent my aunt to the site calculation (engineering major calculation). So I came to the scene to work. The work of the task of the first thing is to tidy up a large number of drawings, although I am not a student of engineering, but after all, is an internship, mainly the growth of practical experience, finishing drawings to separate the whole floor contour unit number, at the same time in the drawings of each unit to the same direction of the drawings merged, In this way, it is possible to calculate the other figures by calculating the amount of a room. This saves you time. The finishing time of the drawings just met the company's new recruit graduates, these graduates are different from me, they are the company's future staff. These new employees don't actually work as much as the other old employees in the company. It also starts with a small job like mine. Although they have a famous university graduate students, but also the general professional graduates. But aunt said it was necessary, every intern regardless of school grades. As long as the company must start from the Zero Foundation, so as to have future results. Seeing these interns, I can not help but think of their future. Experience is the foreshadowing of the future, the work of the road without a step on the rise, must step by step son to start from the foundation. Finishing a large number of drawings, also has been fast to lunch time, in the heavy work, Meimei eat a meal rest, this is the whole morning work the most happy thing.

After finishing the drawing, I will contact with other professional software every day, this is a software that is a kind of computational engineering quantity of the company of Guang Lian Da. Guang Lian da Software Co., Ltd. is a listed software company, based on the construction engineering field, around the whole life cycle of the project, to provide professional application in the field of construction engineering as the core Foundation support, industrial big data, industrial credit, industrial finance and other value-added services. The company's business covers engineering construction, engineering information, project cost, engineering education, e-Government, e-commerce, internet finance and investment eight major sectors. The company has more than 4,300 employees, in China has more than 50 sub-subsidiaries, in 09 began to enter the international market, currently has 5 subsidiaries, 2 agencies for the overseas market services. The software of Guang Lian Da company needs the encryption lock to enter. It is said that a genuine encryption lock is expensive, it is almost no individual can afford to start. And the profits are very high. This kind of encryption lock is to rely on single-chip microcomputer technology and then through the software engineering staff to write interface functions and encryption lock for data exchange. Such a thing can buy such a high price in the market. It makes me feel that computer science brings convenience to people and also brings huge profit income. Science and technology to change the life, 21st century is the information age, the rapid rise of information technology, the society is now in need of a large number of talent, so we should work hard to learn their basic knowledge, in the future will be able to work in the field after the rich income.

Internship Summary:

Soon 7 days of short internship soon ended, this internship but I have a lot of harvest. First of all, I think in schools and units of a very big difference is to enter the community must have a strong sense of responsibility. In the workplace, we must have a strong sense of responsibility, to be responsible for their own positions, to their own business responsibility. If you do not finish the day, the staff must work overtime; If there is an error, you must also be responsible for correcting, at the same time, I feel that the degree of work in a company is not very important, mainly to see the personal business ability and interpersonal skills. Secondly, each new internship to lower their own, in the beginning of a new work process, good basic work, and constantly accumulate experience, which will play an important role in the future work. Moreover, this internship let me deeply feel the importance of computer science, 21st century is the information age, who master this information technology, who will master this capital, grasp the future. Therefore, we must learn their basic knowledge of computer science, in order to establish their own pace in the future society. In the end, I felt bored and annoyed at the fast-paced and crowded peak hours of work in Beijing, and the daily repetition of life. But the fittest are born from. We do not want to change the environment, but slowly learn to change their adaptation to life, so that the future can be a better tomorrow.

Very grateful to the internship unit to give me this such a good internship opportunities, let me learn a lot, grow a lot, harvest a lot.

2016.2.14-2016.2.21 Sino-Big Letter (Beijing) Project Cost Consulting Co., Ltd. Internship feeling

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