20180516 Morning Lesson Records 11-linux

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1.MySQL binary compilation deployment, we are creating a user mysqladmin, how to set the/usr/local/mysql directory to home directory

Useradd-u 514-g dba-g root-d/usr/local/mysql mysqladmin

2. What are the different ways to make a new home directory with a. bash_profile file? (jumping thinking)

or VI CP

3. Where is the global environment variable file? How to take effect

/etc/profile Source/etc/profile Effective

4. What is the letter of reading and writing? What's the number?

RWX 421

What's the 5.rw-r--r-x number? What are the user's permissions for each of the three groups?

645 owner user, this user group, all other users

6. What is the command that says two R parameters

chmod chown

7. Create a user, what is the command for the user group? What documents are shown separately

Useradd Groupadd
/etc/passwd/etc/group Embodiment

8. Permissions are not big enough, what do you think? What file do you modify? Add what?

Modify/etc/sudoer give sudo permission to add Yonghu all= (root) nopasswd:all

9. Switch User what command,-what is represented

Go to home directory and perform local environment variables

10. View the process and port number commands (input complete)

Ps-ef | grep xxx
Netstat nlp|grep pid

11.tar decompression Sometimes what is the problem?

User and user groups are not

12. What are the orders for multi-person cooperation? Create, enter, exit, see what the parameters are

Screen command
Screen-r Enter
Ctrl+a+d exit
Screen-list View

13. Two other background execution commands, commonly used in combination, what is the command format

Nohup XXX &

14. Timed tasks run every five minutes what command parameters are edited and what are the commands

/5 * xxx/.sh

15. Search for a XXX

Find/-name XXX

16. View command Help

Mans XXX

17. What is the relative path and absolute path

The absolute path should be calculated from the root, and the absolute location can reach the destination directly. such as/home/ruoze/xxx.log
Pretty much the path is caused by this folder and other directory relationships, can also be any directory location

18. Switch to the previous directory and previous level directory command what


Can 19.sudo and su be used in one piece?


20. Think about how to configure a password-free trust relationship for multiple machines

Authorized_keys of all machines will be distributed to each machine

21.a machine want to go to B no password, ask who who gives the public key

A to B

20180516 Morning Lesson Records 11-linux

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