29 free top-level CSS tools and applications in web design

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1. Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS is a CSS framework that implements the Metro-style interface of Windows 8.

2. Csscomb

Csscomb can use the specified sorting method to sort the properties of a CSS, providing multiple versions, including:

    • Csscomb Online
    • Csscomb for Sublime Text 2 (Also in Package control)
    • Csscomb for TextMate
    • Csscomb for Coda & Coda 2
    • Csscomb for Espresso 2
    • Csscomb for Intellijidea/webstorm/pycharm
    • Csscomb for notepad++
    • Csscomb for Vim

3. Css3ps

Css3ps is a free cloud-based Photoshop plugin that turns Photoshop layers into CSS3 implementations in a way that looks exactly the same. You can select multiple layers and layer groups, one key conversion. The stroke is converted to a CSS border property. The inner shadow, inner glow, shadow, and outer glow are converted into CSS Box-shadow properties. You can see the result style in the browser and share it with others. It applies to Windows or Mac OS x and Photoshop CS3 and later versions. The most important thing is that it is completely free!

4. Responsiveaeon

Responsiveaeon is a HTML5/CSS3 framework that can quickly create a layout for the response. It has a grid system that is based on a total 1104px width of 12 columns and provides 3 basic classes that are very easy to understand to use. The framework enables the use of @mediaqueries, supporting any size of the device. In addition to the grid system, there are typography, lists, tables, buttons, and table styles.

5. Refineslide

Refineslide is a lightweight (4KB compression) jquery plugin that quickly integrates a responsive, image-based slider-based effect onto our site. The slider uses the CSS3 conversion + 3D transform (with JS standby) and has a bunch of attractive transitions. It has an option to display thumbnails (automatic formatting and response) or navigation of arrows (support for keyboard operations).

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