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today , 4 days , mid-Autumn festival, according to the date on the ID card, but also just my year-old birthday. My wife took her son to Changchun to participate in the National Fencing Club league, I was alone at home. Early in the morning, habitually opened the notebook, turned over their own code to write, handy to do a small optimization, so that the system configuration parameters and one less. Count their own lines of code, found 6 months time, incredibly has written down 3 thousand thousands of lines of code, this amount of code than I worked in the United States for 10 years combined.

since the beginning of 1984 years of writing Basic language Program to now, the programmer's career has been a year. Although often write programs, but also like to write programs, but never thought that the writing process is too simple, not worth to specialize, so the university and graduate students are reading fluid mechanics and astrophysics. But leaving school, studying the large-scale structure of the universe, I could not rely on astrophysics to feed themselves, eventually into Motorola began career programmer career. Five years, I still work in Motorola, feel that the spring of mobile internet is really coming, and mobile Internet must have push service, so should do a push platform to provide professional mobile drive services. He returned to Beijing early this year to establish and letter, wrote about the line of code, to achieve a now also proud of the efficient, energy-saving, provincial traffic mobile internet push engine. at the beginning of the year to see smart hardware is about to rise again, start a happy mummy, the technical threshold is not high, do not want to write any line of procedures, but the research and development team to make the calculation of fetal heart, finally their own shot, the analysis of the large-scale structure of the universe method used, The line code calculates the fetal heart rate accurately in real time.

in my opinion, programmers write programs, like painters, who create works, and if they can be admired, that's the biggest reward. Since 1984 years, I have developed countless software, but the most I am proud of is two, one is 1993 years of summer vacation with the help elder sister development of financial software, After many years, to today, sister still in use, Open the software, shown above is the " build-FAI computer ." There is also a software that I studied at Hkust to help hkust polymer lb film laboratory developed lb membrane balance system, its hardware software is still running every day, hundreds of SCI paper data out of self-developed lb Membrane balance, now open the system, the above clearly shows the "Tao Jianhui". These two software, did not let me get financial returns, but the most let me satisfied, there is a sense of pride, because it is still in use, very good.

From study to work, smooth sailing, pretentious, has always been a technical master. But a fine thought, this technology master of water is not small, because any of the world's popular software, I am not a contributor. Fortunately, I still have a chance to get to the day I can't write the program. A year ago, I found that the market segment of the time series database could do a whole. Database is the underlying software, unlike mobile applications and web-based products, update changes slow, long life cycle, but the technical threshold is quite high. On the other hand, the traditional database has been studied for several decades, the various indexes, storage structure has been researched thoroughly, technically and the market has been very difficult to make a difference. However, due to the development of mobile Internet, the data volume increases rapidly, the single machine can not be processed and must depend on the cluster. The core technology of the database is now how to design the distributed system, processing high concurrency, efficient real-time data synchronization, query, calculation. And I from the first day of work, in the communications industry, has been doing distributed systems, the design of the system has always been to support hot plug, online upgrade, no single point of failure, these experience and technology can be well applied to the design of distributed database, my knowledge structure and skills exactly match, heaven help me also. So decided to do the programmer again and start writing the program.

It took a few days to build the development environment, familiar with the development tools, it really dry. Close to the people, it is believed that compared with ten years ago, efficiency should be reduced a lot. But unexpectedly, with a clear goal, their potential is fully excavated, from the middle of the year to two months, the average daily work more than five hours, write down more than 18,000 lines of code, realizes the core engine of the whole time series database. After a simple comparison test, it is found that the performance index is far better than MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, influx Db,open tsdb and other databases, fast at least more than ten times. The result excited me, decided to formally register the company, financing, the formation of a team, once again walk on the road of entrepreneurship.

after obtaining commentator and Ming capital investment, the TAOS data6 month officially opened, a few people's research and development team, is no longer my one's fight. But in order to ensure quality and progress, do not want to only do the command and so-called architectural design, but with everyone, but also focus on writing code. Three months later, I found myself contributing 20,000 lines of code, turning a time-series spatial data engine into a product that can be tested externally , a bigstep closer to a truly commercialized product, Tbase.

in the past 10 months, almost every day in the process of writing, change BUG. Whenever solve a difficult BUG, always can't say happy, immediately ask the team to eat together. When you find a clever way to improve your performance, you can't help but share it with the team right away . Whenever the problem is stumped, must sleep is not stable, will be early to get up and want to solve it. More than 10 hours a day of development, did not let me tired, but let me back to a year ago, the brain can be high-speed operation up. If you don't write a few lines in one day, you'll always feel like you haven't done anything yet. Two weeks ago in Shanghai to participate in a forum, listening to speak at the same time, the smooth realization of the Naggle algorithm, but also test pass, immediately there is a strong sense of satisfaction and pride.

Fortunately, a year ago the decision, before the old, there is also the opportunity to develop a top-notch technical threshold of the product, can put their own years of accumulated technology and experience all use. And fortunately, once again, commentator and bright Capital Angel Investment, formed a lean but very bullish technical team. According to Tbase 's current test results, the odds are in the right. Regardless of future marketing, whether it is open source or commercial, I believe there will be a lot of people like this product, taste the beauty of my design and programming. If I could develop the financial software for my sister, like the LB membrane balancedeveloped for my lab, I would be the happiest old man in the world after a year or so when someone was using tbase . If my son was proud to tell others that the core engine of Tbase was developed by my father when he was a child, that was the greatest fortune I had left him. If grandson also knows Tbase and Taos Data, that is I give him the greatest inheritance.

two times in front of the entrepreneurial experience, let me see enough tide rise and fall, Cloud Cirrus Shu. What I do best is to write the program, the education, training can let me in this respect far better than others, why go to push, operate, do some surface booming, and do not need any technical threshold of the job? or continue to write procedures, and good writing, intentions to write, like a painter, the intention to create a piece of work, and do not draw entertainment. I hope that after ten years, whether Taos data is already an IPO or a small company, I am also active for the Tbase contribution code, after years can participate in the technical details of the discussion, but also to solve the BUG. The last moment of my life, hope is still in front of the computer screen.

More money, but also difficult to make a mark in history, but a good works can be passed, let posterity good taste. May I lead the development of the Tbase become handed down,Leave a dent in the world!

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