5 open-source PHP website traffic statistics applications

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Below are 5 open-source PHP website traffic statistics applications.


Piwik is an open source Website access statistics system based on Php + MySQL technology. Its predecessor is phpMyVisites. Piwik can provide you with detailed statistics, such as the number of browser users, the most visited pages, and search engine keywords. It also uses a large number of AJAX/Flash technologies, this makes the operation easier. In addition, it uses plug-in extension and open API architecture, allowing developers to create more functions based on their actual needs.


PhpTrafficA is a statistical tool used for website traffic analysis. Developed based on PHP and MySQL. It can count the traffic of your website, including the search engines, Guan jianzi, and other links directed to your website. It can also analyze the operating system, browser, and visitor stay time used to browse your website.


AudiStat is a lightweight website traffic statistics system developed based on PHP + MySQL and occupies very few resources on servers. It can collect statistics on clicks, pages involved, visitor countries, visitor domain names, and browsers used by visitors. The statistics page can be customized using Html code. In the latest version, google crawler tracking is also added.


PhpMyVisites is a website traffic statistics system that provides very detailed statistics reports and advanced graphic reports. PhpMyVisites is not an Apache log analysis tool. It has its own log.


Use the website traffic statistics Tool developed by PHP4. WebAnalyse does not use any database or Apache logs support. This makes installation faster and easier.


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