5 ways to test your site's access speed

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Page loading speed is critical for a website, Google has included a site's loading speed into the site keyword ranking considerations, that is, if your site has enough content, and loading speed than others ' site faster, then you are getting better rankings. Then let's test your website and improve the speed of website visit.

1: Simple method of measuring website speed with ping command

Ping can be used to check whether the network is unobstructed or network connection speed, click start → run in the run input "cmd" Enter or click OK, enter ping www. Your website. com is ok.

(Novice only need to pay attention to the meaning of the red box in this picture)

Ping results are represented, bytes represents the number of bytes sent, time is the speed, the faster the TTL can judge the other operating system, ttl=119 is the XP system, but the TTL is generally not allowed, the server can modify the registry to change the TTL type, more detailed method of measuring speed, please search a lot.

Beginners only need to look at the bottom line, the shortest time, the longest time and the average time (the shorter the better), so you can roughly determine the speed of the site.

Similarly, the Webmaster's Home ping tool is also good, website: http://ping.chinaz.com/

2: Simple method of measuring website speed with tracert command

The test method is similar to the ping command, except that the ping is changed to tracert www. Your URL. com, tracert is used to detect the "hop count" and response time from the end customer to your server's room, that is, to test the server's connection speed with customers across the country, When arriving at any gateway, Tracert will perform three Tests and display the results of three Tests in MS, but the shorter the time is, the better.

3: Full range of free website speed test Tools-gtmetrix

Gtmetrix.com provides a rich, detailed measurement that combines Google Page speed and Yahoo! YSlow's web Speed test features and offers actionable advice to help you improve your website's speed. No need to register as a member to use the tool, and recommend how to optimize each element of the page, and most importantly, according to the specific circumstances of the site, directly tell you the cause of the site loading speed slowed down where the source.

As a Gtmetrix registered member, you can set up a daily, weekly or monthly automated test of your site, you can set up test records automatically saved, but also to the 4 URLs to compare test. If you don't know if your load speed is fast or slow, you can enter a name to compare the results, such as google.com

Website: http://gtmetrix.com

4: Compare which website is loading faster-whichloadsfaster

July 7, 2010, Fastsoft launched the free Dynamic website Accelerated Interactive Demo site whichloadsfaster.com Whichloadsfaster is a free public speed test tool to promote benign competition between Web sites to make Web browsing faster.

It is through your connection, in your browser, let two real pages appear in front of you. So using Whichloadsfaster is to react to your current network down to compare the speed of two stations.

Website: http://whichloadsfaster.com/

5: Domestic free website Speed test Platform-webkaka

This site is Lu Songsong has been used, Kaka network is a home to help you test the site page loading speed of the free webmaster tools, instant detection of your site in the country to visit the effectiveness, response time and open speed, currently in 15 provinces and cities nationwide, the United States, Australia, Japan and other 8 countries have a detection point. This kind of website speed test tools are basically foreign, the domestic speed of the service is relatively small. Kaka network mainly has website speed test, ping detection, route tracking and other functions.

Website: http://www.webkaka.com

Inside the website I have included in the blog Encyclopedia of the utility, of course, there are other very good online speed test site, such as speedtest.cn,speedtest.net and so on, at the same time, when you choose the site space, can use some of the small methods of this article, I believe that you choose inexpensive space is a good way.

Article Source: http://lusongsong.com/reed/298.html

5 ways to test your site's access speed

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