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  • Debugging tools
  • Test and optimization tools
  • Document tools
  • Security Tools
  • Graphic Processing
  • Code optimization
  • Version Control System
  • Useful extensions, tools and Classes
  • Online tools and resources
  • Tools in the browser (Firefox plug-in)
  • PHP framework
  • IDES and editors
PHP is one of the most widely used open-source server scripting languages. Of course, PHP is not the fastest, but it is the most commonly used scripting language. There are 50 useful PHP tools, which can greatly improve your programming work: debugging tools
  • Webgrind
  • Xdebug
  • Gubed PHP Debugger
  • Dbg
  • Php_debug
  • Php_dyn
  • Macgdbp
Test and optimization tools
  • Phpunit
  • Simpletest

  • Selenium
  • Php_codesniffer
  • Dbug

  • PHP profile class
Document tools
  • Phpdocumentor
  • PHP Dox
Security Tools
  • Securimage: Verification Code tool.
  • Scavenger
  • Pixy: code check tool.
Graphic Processing
  • PHP/SWF charts
  • Pchart-a chart-drawing PHP Library

  • Wideimage
  • Magickwand for PHP
Code optimization
  • Php_beautifier
  • Phpcodebeautifier
  • Geshi-generic syntax highlighter
Version Control System
  • Phing
  • Xinc
Useful extensions, tools and Classes
  • Simplepie: PhP RSS parser

  • HTML purifier: can be used to remove all malicious code (XSS) and ensure that your page complies with W3C standards.
  • Tcpdf: A PhP5 function package used to quickly generate PDF files.
  • Htmlsql: a PHP class that allows you to conveniently search HTML and XML content using SQL statements.
  • The greatest PHP snippet file ever (using quicktext for notepad ++)
  • Creole: written in PhP5. It is a real-sense oo-based layer, and the API interface is based on JDBC.
  • Phplinq: use SQL syntax to operate PHP arrays.
  • Phpmathpublisher: The author is a mathematics teacher at a French High School.

  • PhpMyAdmin: You can control and operate MySQL online over the Internet.
  • Phpexcel: a powerful class library for generating MS Office Excel documents.
  • Phormer: a lightweight and powerful php online album.
  • Xajax PHP Class Library: an open-sourcePHPClass library used to build WebAjaxProgram.
  • PHP user class: user management.
  • PHP-GTK: developed to prove that PHP is an effective tool far beyond network applications. UsePHP-GTKYou can create independent GUI applications.
Online tools and resources
  • Minify! : An application developed using PhP5 to merge and compress JS/CSS files. After compression, you can use HTTP gzip/deflate and related headers to optimize the client cache.

  • Http_staticmerger: automatically "merges" CSS and JavaScript files.
  • PHP Object generator: an open-sourcePHPCode Generator. It can be used for your PhP4/PhP5The application generates concise and testable object-oriented code.

  • Gotapi/PHP


  • Koders: open source code search.
  • PECL: contains information about different extension libraries provided by the php development team.
Tools in the browser (Firefox plug-in)
  • Firephp: an extension based on firebug. It can be used to conveniently output PHP debugging information on the firebug console without affecting the normal running of PHP programs.

  • Phplangeditor: a tool used to translate various PHP variables.


  • PHP lookup: a built-in search bar to help you quickly find the referenced PHP syntax.
  • PHP manual search: a convenient search bar for official PHP documents from your web browser.
PHP framework
  • Dwoo: A PhP5 template engine.
  • Codeigniter: helps you compile an agile open-source PHP framework for Web applications.
    Yii framework is a high-performance component-based PHP framework.
  • Solar

    Symfony: an open-source PHP Web framework. The purpose is to accelerate the creation and maintenance of web applications.

  • Pear
  • Propel: is an OR or ing framework for PhP5. It allows you to use an object instead of SQL to read and write rows in a database table.
  • {Macro} template engine
  • Zend Framework: An open-source PhP5 development framework that can be used to develop web programs and services.
  • Qcodo: it is a framework suitable for agile development based on PhP5 using MVC Architecture and crud code generation function.

  • Sajax: sajax is a modular method for making Ajax applications. Through predefined and dynamic function calls, the development process of applications is smoother.
  • Smarty: Use PHP to implement the logic layer of the MVC development mode and the template engine of the presentation layer.
  • CakePHP: it is an open-source PHP on Rails full-stack framework.

  • Savant2: it is a PHP template engine that directly uses PHP functions, but has made reasonable restrictions.
  • Phpspec: phpspec is a simple and intuitive PHP framework.
IDES and editors
  • Phpeclipse: a powerful php plug-in developed under eclipse, including PHP syntax analysis, debugging, code formatting, outline view, and code template customization.

  • Phped: Internal debugger.

  • Phpdesigner: a program designed for compiling PHP Web pages.

  • Zend studio: an award-winning professional PHP integrated development environment with powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools. It supports PHP syntax highlight display.

  • Aptana PHP: an open-source ide designed for browser development.
  • PDT: a development tool framework designed to provide a fully functional PHP integrated development environment on the eclipse platform.
  • Vs. php: by installing this plug-in, we can compile, edit, and configure PHP programs in the most popular IDE in the Visual Studio. NET market.
  • Phpedit: This ide provides an integrated PHP debugger and a help Generator tool for highlighting syntax display, code prompts, and code recognition.

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