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1. C + + as a new language learning (and C does not matter!);

2. See "Thinking in C + +", do not see "C + + Become die die" (C + + programming ideas, translation is very poor);

3. See "The C + + programming Language" (this thing has a photocopy board) and "Inside the C + + Object Model", do not because they are difficult and we are beginners so do not look;

4. Do not be VC, BCB, BC, MC, TC and other words are confused-they are integrated development environment, and we want to learn is a language;

5. Do not let go of any seemingly simple small programming problem-they are often not so simple, or can lead to a lot of knowledge points;

6. will use Visual C + +, does not mean that you will C + +;

7. Learning class is not difficult, template, STL, generic programming but so-difficult is long-term adherence to practice and spare no effort to read;

8. If not a genius, want to learn programming don't want to play games-you think you did, in fact, your C + + level and you do not have the ability to go with the clearance of the high-actually can always remember: learn C + + is to make the game;

9. See the Book of Visual C + +, can not learn C + + language;

10. Impetuous people easy to say: xx language is dying, should learn yy;--is your own not to!?

11. Impetuous people are easy to ask: what should I learn--don't ask, learn right;

12. Impetuous person easy to ask: xx Rich way,--suggest you Rob Bank;

13. Impetuous people easy to say: I want Chinese version! I can't!—— English!

14. Impetuous people easy to ask: XX and yy which is good;--tell you, all good--as long as you learn on the line;

15. Impetuous people are divided into two kinds: a the person who only wait and see but not learn; b. A person who learns but does not insist;

16. To put the fashionable technology on the tip of the tongue, rather than the outdated technology in mind;

17.c++ not only supports object-oriented programming language;

18. One of the best ways to learn programming is to read the source code;

19. Do not at any time think that the books in their hands are enough;

20. Please read "the Standard C + + Bible" (Chinese version: standard C + + treasure), Master C + + standards;

21. Read the book, please look carefully, read the book, please bite the bullet to see;

22. Do not expect to read the first book can remember and grasp what--please see the second, third time;

23. Please see "effective C + +" (This book just out, is also Hou Sir translation) and "more effective C + +" and "exceptional C + +";

24. Do not stay in the cradle of the integrated development environment, to learn to control the integrated development environment, but also learn to use the command line method to handle the program;

25. Talk with others about meaningful C + + knowledge points, not quarrel xx line or YY and ZZ which good;

26. Please see "Program design Practice", and strictly in accordance with its requirements to do;

27. Do not think that because there are some syntax and keywords in C and C + + that look the same, they are considered to be exactly the same meaning and function;

28.c++ is by no means the so-called "extension" of C-if C + + begins with the name Z language, you will not connect C and Z languages so tightly;

29. Please do not think that the learning of XX language and then change to learn C + + will have any problems-you are just learning a new language;

30. Read the "Inside" C + + Object Model later to determine whether they have learned the C + +;

31. Learn programming The secret is: programming, programming, and then programming;

32. Please note the following books: "C + + object-oriented programming (c + + effective object-oriented Software construction)" object-oriented software constructs (object-oriented Software Construction) "Design mode (designs Patterns)" "The Art of Computer programming";

33. Remember: object-oriented technology is not just C + + proprietary;

34. Please input the program examples of the book to the computer practice, even if the supporting CD has the source code;

35. Expand the meaningful examples that are seen in the book;

36. Please pay attention to the exception handling technology in C + + and apply it to your own program;

37. Always review the procedures that you have written before and try to rewrite them to apply the new knowledge you have learned.

38. Do not omit any one of the exercises in the book-please complete and record the problem-solving ideas;

39.c++ language and C + + integrated development environment to learn and master at the same time;

40. Since the decision to learn C + +, please insist on learning, because the purpose of learning programming language is to master programming technology, and programming technology is cross-language;

41. Let the C + + language platform and development environment to fierce competition, we have to learn the C + + language itself mainly;

42. When you write a C + + program to write in half but find yourself using the method is very clumsy, please do not stop at once, please finish the remaining parts roughly to ensure the integrity of the design, and then analyze your own errors and redesign and write (see 43);

43. Don't be impatient, design C + + class is really not easy, their own program class and their class design level is in the continuous programming practice to improve and develop;

44. Never, because the program is "very small" does not follow some of your unskilled rules-good habits are cultivated, not one to remember;

45. Every time you learn a C + + difficult point, try to explain the knowledge to others and let him understand-you can make it clear that you really understand;

46. Record the knowledge points that you have overlooked or not understood when communicating with others;

47. Please continue to write their own procedures to put forward higher requirements, even if your program version number will become version 100.XX;

48. Keep all the programs you've written--that's one of your best accumulations;

49. Please do not be impetuous people;

50. Please love c++!

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