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Security violations that can be detected by security products or anti-virus software are no longer a problem. The biggest problem is that the problem has occurred but has not been detected.

To facilitate your study, we have specially organized top security technology courses >>>

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Recommended courses for security technology:

1,Network Security Technology and Application 1) (Shanghai Key course)

Main Content: Network Protocol Security and IPv6 Security, security architecture, network security management technology, security service and security mechanism, and wireless network security technology; intrusion detection and Defense Technology, hacker attack and prevention technology, identity authentication and access control technology, security audit, password and encryption technology, computer virus and malware prevention; firewall Technology and Applications, operating system and site security, database security technology, practical e-commerce website security technology, network security solutions, etc.

2,Demonstration: Attack and Defense against common network devices

This course describes the working principles and security threats of hubs, the working principles and security threats of bridges and L2 switches, the working principles and security threats of routers, and the working principles and security threats of firewalls, it fully demonstrates data eavesdropping on hubs, attacks and defenses on L2 switches, attacks and defenses on routers, and briefly describes the defense principles of firewalls, and how to install the reverse detection tool on the linux operating system.

3,Demonstration: Attack and Defense based on network protocols required for various networking processes

Describes and demonstrates the complete process of ARP, TCP/IP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, UDP, FTP, STP, CDP, VLAN, RIP, HSRP attack and defense, it also demonstrates how to install various reverse detection tools in the Ubuntu operating system.

4,Cryptography and Identity Authentication Technology: principles and practical applications of PKI [cainiao]

This course mainly breaks through the principles and practical technologies of cryptography and Identity Authentication PKI, these include understanding encryption methods, message integrity and digital identification, symmetric encryption system training non-symmetric encryption system, digital signature, etc. Understanding the difference between digital signature and encryption, and then facing the actual situation.

5,Apsara FortiOS 5.0 security operating system management video tutorial

6,Secrets of RAID data recovery technology-case analysis video tutorial

7,Network Security and Management video tutorial

8,Network Security Basics: Network Administrator tutorial video

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