8 Resharper shortcuts that everyone should know and 8 resharper shortcuts

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8 Resharper shortcuts that everyone should know and 8 resharper shortcuts

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If you are already using Resharper, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with some of its special features and shortcuts to further improve productivity.

Resharper is a Visual Studio plug-in produced by JetBrains. It is powerful and widely known. With it, VS is a huge addition (the premise is that your machine needs to add memory first ). However, many people do not use the powerful features it provides efficiently, in a blog post, Vladimir Khorikov described eight features that are rarely understood and used but useful for daily work and their shortcuts.

1. Move up, down, and left

The built-in functions of VS can easily move a row, but the Resharper function can move the location of the entire method, the location of the attribute, the location of the statement line, and even the location of parameters in the method signature. The default shortcut key is Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Up/Down/Left/Right. For more convenience, we recommend that you remapAlt + Up/Down/Left/Right.

The animation of the moving method is as follows:

2. navigate to the next and previous members.

This feature is suitable for use with the preceding feature. For example, you can first navigate to the following method and then move the method up. The shortcut key for this feature is Alt + Up/Down by default. It is best to map itCtrl + Up/Down.

The effect is shown in the following Animation:

3. navigate to the next error in solution.

Next, an extremely useful feature is to navigate to the next error in the solution, allowing you to quickly browse all compilation errors. The default shortcut key is Shift + Alt + PageDown/PageUp. The most convenient Shortcut Key recommended by the author isCtrl + Shift + Down/Up.

4. navigate to the corresponding method and class.

This feature allows you to navigate to the method signature or class definition of the current row. Its default shortcut isCtrl + [And it is quite easy.

This feature may not be so intuitive as it is explained in text, but it is clear at a glance:

5. Select the method and class

Sometimes, what you want is not to navigate to the method and class, but to select the entire method or class.Ctrl + Shift + [If you want to select the entire class for the selected method, pressCtrl + Shift + [.

6. List the most recently edited locations

One of my most commonly used features is to list recently edited files, and to quickly return to the previously edited place in a file, use the shortcut key.Ctrl + Shift + CommaTo list the most recently edited locations. For example:

7. Locate the file being edited in solution Manager

VS has similar built-in features, but you need to click to operate it. After using Resharper, you can use the shortcut keyShift + Alt + LTo quickly locate.

8. Add braces to a line of code.

All the operations I have to do before are to move to the header of this line, and then add the left brackets. The Editor automatically adds the right brackets. However, use Resharper's universal shortcut keyAlt + EnterAnd then clickEnterYou can do this.

For example:


Since Resharper can use the MVP identity to apply for License, I have been using it for a long time. Up to now, the 9 version has become more and more powerful. With it, code writing efficiency has been greatly improved, and code standards and Refactoring can all rely on it. For friends who have not yet used it, you can try it. For friends who are already using it, it is really helpful to find out its shortcut keys. JetBrains provides a pdf document for publishing a complete shortcut list. The link to this pdf is available in "read the original.

Address: http://enterprisecraftsmanship.com/2015/03/27/8-resharper-shortcuts-everyone-should-know/

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