8 JS Frame Comparison

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Dojo is currently the most powerful JS framework, and it defines itself on its own Wiki, Dojo is an open source DHTML Toolkit written in JavaScript. Dojo wanted to be a "unification" toolkit, not just browser-level, but ambitious. Dojo includes Ajax, Browser, Event, widgets and other cross-browser APIs, including the language extension of JS itself, as well as the various aspects of the tool library, and a more comprehensive library of UI components, is also widely used in many projects, his UI component is characterized by the HTML tag to increase the Add TAG, instead of writing JS to generate, Dojo's API mimics the way the Java class library is organized. Writing a Web OS with Dojo is easy. Dojo is now 4.0, and Dojo is powerful in its interface and special effects packages, allowing developers to quickly build standards-compliant interfaces.
Advantages: The library is quite perfect, the development time is also relatively long, powerful, it is said that the use of Dojo io.bind () can realize comet see its powerful non-general, get IBM and SUN support.
Disadvantage: File volume is relatively large, more than 200 KB, the initial download is quite slow, in addition, Dojo library use is not so easy, JS syntax enhancement aspect is inferior to Prototype

It is a very elegant JS library, the definition of JS object-oriented extension, DOM operation API, events and so on, to Prototype as the core, the formation of a variety of external JS extension library, is a very promising JS bottom frame, it is recommended, it is also the most widely used library class (RoR Integrated AJAX JS Library), on top of scriptaculous implementation of some JS component functions and effects.
Advantages: Basic bottom, easy to learn to use, and even some other JS special effects development package of the bottom, the volume is the smallest.
Cons: If you say a disadvantage, it may be that the function is his weakness

Scriptaculous is a JS effect based on the Prototype.js framework. Contains 6 JS files, different files corresponding to different JS effect, so say, if the bottom with prototype words, do JS effect with scriptaculous that is again suitable, even the famous Digg are used him, visible not general
Advantages: Based on prototype is the biggest advantage, due to the wide use of prototype, no doubt the user book icing on the cake.
Disadvantages: Just rise, need time to hone

The Yahoo UI-based extension package Yui-ext is a CS-style Web user interface component that enables complex layout layouts that are comparable to backbase and developed using pure JavaScript code. The real editable form edit grid, which supports XML and Json data types, can be moved directly into the grid. Many components implement support for data sources such as dynamic layouts, editable table controls, dynamically loaded Tree controls, dynamic drag effects, and more. Starting with jquery from the 1.0 beta version, the introduction of the jquery-based EXT 1.0 offers more interesting features.
Advantages: structured, similar to the structure of Java, clear, the bottom of the use of Jquery some functions, so that the integration of the use of a choice, the most important point is that the interface is so shocking.
Cons: Too complex, the entire interface is too complex to construct.

JQuery is just as good as prototype JS development Library class, especially for CSS and XPath support, so that we write JS more convenient! If you are not a JS master and want to write excellent JS effect, then JQuery can help you achieve the goal! And the introduction of the syntax and high efficiency has always been the goal of jquery.
Advantages: Focus on the introduction and efficiency, JS effect has yui-ext choice, because yui-ext reuse a lot of jQuery functions
Disadvantage: It is said to be too tender, history is not long.

MochiKit calls itself a lightweight JS framework. MochiKit is primarily inspired by the many conveniences offered by Python and the Python standard library, and also alleviates inconsistencies between browser versions. The mochikit.dom is especially handy for handling DOM objects in a more friendly way than the original JavaScript. Most of the mochikit.dom are customized for XHTML documents, and if combined with MochiKit and Ajax, the use of XHTML-wrapped micro-formats is particularly convenient. MochiKit can be used to format the output of strings or numbers directly, which is more practical and convenient. And it has its own JS code interpreter.
Advantages: Mochikit.dom This part is very practical, the introduction is also very prominent
Cons: A lightweight disadvantage

MooTools is a concise, modular, object-oriented JavaScript framework. It can help you write more extensible and compatible JavaScript code faster and more easily. Mootools is similar to Prototypejs, with almost the same syntax. But it offers more features than Prototypejs and is more powerful. For example, add animation effects, drag and drop operations and so on.
Advantages: You can customize the features you need, can be said to be Prototypejs's enhanced version.
Disadvantages: Moderate, specific application of specific analysis.

MOO.FX is a super lightweight JavaScript effects Library (7k) that works with Prototype.js or MooTools frameworks. It is fast, easy to use, cross-browser, conforms to standards, and provides CSS properties that control and modify any HTML element, including color. Its built-in checker prevents users from destroying effects with multiple or crazy clicks. The MOO.FX is modular in its entirety, so you can develop any special effects you need based on it.
Advantages: Small size has great ability
Cons: It's so small, it's pretty good.

8 JS Frame Comparison

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