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With the development of PCs, tablets, smartphones and other terminals, the device environment (system platform, screen size, screen resolution, etc.) is more complex. The specific differences between various terminals need to be considered for webpage display.

Therefore, responsive design is highly respected by everyone. The nine free responsive design templates in the article hope to help you understand this technology and improve work efficiency.

1. TXT

This template has a home page and a blog page. It can be divided into one or two columns. You can set it as needed. You can set the number of Sidebar items. (Demo | download)




A template based on HTML5 and CSS3. It can be classified and templates of blogs and home pages are provided at the same time. (Demo | download)




If you are a beginner and want to create an impressive blog, this will be the most appropriate template. (Demo | download



4. RESPOND 1.5

This responsive template is completely free of charge and applies to both commercial and personal production and development projects. (Demo | download)




Symfoni is a free website template based on fixed-width two-column layout and uses the HTML5 DOCTYPE. (Demo | download



6. TRI

A responsive website template design framework. (Demo | download)




Proximet is a free HTML5/CSS3 response template that is compatible with mainstream browsers, smartphones, and tablets. You can see the effect by adjusting the browser window. (Demo | download)




A responsive website template is ideal for smooth and simple combinations of websites. (Download)



9. responsive html/CSS3 resume Template

This template uses the animation effect of CSS3. Although it is still unsatisfactory, you can use this to create an impressive online resume. (Demo | download)



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