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The nine PHP developers should know the PHP database 9 extremely useful and free PHP libraries1. recaptchathe reCAPTCHA allows you to create an advanced CAPTCHA System for the website, which is actually used to generate verification information, even voice verification is a good example. Of course, there is also the reCAPTCHA service available, which provides easy-to-use free APIs, it is worth trying on your website. The reCAPTCHA library allows you to integrate an advanced CAPTCHA system on your website, which helps keep spam bots from posting on your website. The visual CAPTCHA also should des a helpful audio feature.

In addition to the reCAPTCHA service, the Library also provided des an API for the "mailhide" service which hides emails from spammers.

The API is free and easy to implement on your site and also gives back to the community as it translates scanned books.

Download reCAPTCHA | get API key | document

2. akismetakismet is a free service for small sites. It is used to modify the comment that will be added to the database (to prevent malicious comments ). This database has been improving. Akismet is a free service that can be used on most small sites-or used on larger sites for a small nodes. the library works by comparing comments to a database of existing spam comments provided by other users. the library can then decide to flag the comment for moderation or allow it through. everyday the Library grows and the service improves.

Introduction to akismet

3. services_jsonjson is an easy-to-understand information transfer format. However, if you have not used PHP versions later than 5.2.0 (since then PHP has been officially supported by JSON), you should try this library. JSON is a handy format for transmitting human readable data. not everyone has made the move to PhP5 which has encoded JSON support since version 5.2.0. this small library enables you to implement JSON functionality into your own applications if you are not using a recent version of PHP.

View services_json

4. smartysmarty is the famous official template library. It provides many useful functions. In fact, PHP should be used by anyone. Smarty is a template engine which was formally a sub-project of the PHP project. smarty provides extends powerful features such as loops, variables, and a great Caching System. the Library has policyears under its belt and is nearing its version three release.

Download smarty | watch the document

5. pchartpchart is an extremely famous data graphics library. It provides various beautiful charts for data presentation. In fact, PHP users will always use it. In addition to displaying text data in your application, it can also be useful to show data in a more visual format. this can be done with a slew of options like pie charts and bar graphs. pchart is a script that allows you to create charts and graphs from SQL queries or manually provided details. the script is baked by GD to create the images. there is also a main focus on the aesthetics; so it creates some beauul ul work.

Download pchart | view document | view demos

6. simplepiesimplepie allows you to easily extract content (like RSS feeds ). It can interact with multiple languages and process feeds in various formats. Simplepie allows you to easily pull in syndicated content (like RSS feeds ). it's also been integrated with a lot of different platforms and Language sets; it shocould be able to deal almost any feed in a variety of ways.

Download simplepie | view the document |For unique RSS feedsExpand simplepie

7. XML-RPC PHP library sometimes you need to use XML-RPC technology to interact with other sites, then try this XML-RPC PHP library. Applications sometimes use functionality to "ping" other sites when an action has occurred (known as trackbacks ). this is done by using a protocol called XML-RPC. the XML-RPC PHP Library also allows you to integrate the functionality into your website.

Download XML-RPC PHP | view documents

8. Amazon s3amazon's famous cloud computing platform is called "S3 ". The Amazon S3 library allows you to use the cloud without any additional tools to upload a large number of data files. Amazon provides a nice service to work in the cloud, called "S3 ". nettuts + even uses it to store the images seen in each article. there is a nice Amazon S3 library that doesn't require any third party tools and allows for large file uploads.

Download Amazon S3 PHP class

9. phpmailer most web applications use the mail () function of PHP. Phpmailer allows you to process email sending more flexibly, not only supporting any format, but also adding attachments and customizing headers. Most applications send out an email in some form, but usually rely on the basic PHP mail () function. phpmailer is an existing powerful class that allows you to send different types of emails-from basic text to rich formatted emails. these emails can also include attachments or custom headers.

Download phpmailer | view the document

Author: Apr 7th in Web roundups by Justin Shreve is a freelancer who runs his own business at serenelabs.com.

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