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Recently, some netizens often contact me via QQ on this site and ask me how to get started with php and how to learn something. As a phper who has been working for more than three years, even though it is still technically mediocre, but I have always been blunt about some of my experiences in php programming. I have always recommended php and mysql development to new users who want to learn php programming, because I started the php web development path from this book. When I first started learning php, I wrote an e-book, this e-book should be the only one that I have read in one of my books. It also benefits from the guidance of this book, I have been on the php development path and used php to make a living for three years now. After my work, I also bought this book to be grateful to the author. This is my return to the author.

Let's talk about how this book feels!

Php and mysql development This book systematically introduces the basic knowledge of php in detail. It is easy to read, as long as you follow the book, basically, I don't feel any difficulties or I can't understand anything. For new php users, it can be said that it is a very good php tutorial book. From my personal experience, this book has always been helpful for you to work for two years. However, I personally feel that the only drawback is that there are few practical examples and there is basically no complete project. So you still need to find some classic instances to work with and study them slowly!

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I do not deny the correctness of some people who have thoroughly studied the source code of XX For php development. However, if you are planning to engage in the php industry, we suggest you purchase books and study them systematically, because in this impetuous society, you have to be sure that you have something in mind to make sure that you are calm. Of course, if you are just a php enthusiast, you don't have to go into all the details of php. You can do what you like by studying various open-source code.

I have already shared the electronic tutorials of this book with the QQ Group on this site. If you need them, you can download them! GROUP: 48280945

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