A comparison of real estate apps with "summary and finishing"

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From the way to change the classification of the city can be seen, because the coverage of many cities, SouFun (room world) with the home guests are used on the phonetic selection room, and the chain of the city is very few, just a simple list can be.

SouFun (room world) covers the city as many as 651, the coverage of the widest range of 500, the two basic realization of the main cities in China's full coverage. The Chain Home app covers only 19 cities, which is not unrelated to the business model under the link's heavy line.

On the business function, single-page UI view,

The most abundant chain home, the first screen homepage function chart up to 2 pages 20, but the dense feature icon, intuitive feeling is not very good. And these icons are the new house, housing, rental, commercial real estate, overseas real estate, decoration services, information services mixed, not a classification, people a bit inexplicable.

There are only 10 function list, the part of the small include the calculation, loan, question and answer function of a small sliding list, the classification is good, very refreshing, but the above button function UI design is not three-dimensional, the use of the sense is not strong.

SouFun a total of 2 page 12 function buttons, one page 10, another page 2, it seems that the experience is not good, feel still need to develop the function, but the existing arrangement experience is not good.

Transparent Home button divided into two categories, more concise and generous, the use of strong, but also to buy and sell demand and other requirements of the classification, and the real estate services, another classification, and a small sliding list, which is similar to the house, you can adjust the lower row slide icon Smaller, because the row icon has a frame, The overall look will be larger than the upper row button, there is a distracting taste.

The actual function, the three are covered by the new house, housing, rental, commercial real estate, overseas real estate and other major real estate business. SouFun and transparent home decoration business is unique among the four, is a major highlight. And more flattering, because backed 58 with the city, the largest domestic service platform, in its app access to 58 of the same city entrance, it is said that the home decoration channel will soon be on the line. The chain home is more vertical, the function service contains the VR to look at the room, convenience service and so on, but the function arranges more disorderly.

Summary of basic functions:

★★★★☆: Urban less than the search room, the function of perfect, the most practical.

SouFun (Room World) ★★★★☆: The total number of cities covered first, and the introduction of decoration services.

Chain Home ★★☆: covering the city and transparent home, search houses, housing is not a magnitude, difficult to meet the needs of most urban users

Transparent home ★★★★☆: the introduction of decoration services, functional classification Clear

Comments This feature has also been ported to the purchase of the app, in the new house channel, Chain Home, SouFun (room World), secure, transparent nets have introduced UGC content, with the comment function of the house, but the transparency home does not.

A comparison of real estate apps with "summary and finishing"

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