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Free real estate website source code real Estate Company website Template Official edition

Real estate company website Management system source code, real estate company website Template official version, real estate company

On how to perfect the local real estate website

, so for the keyword anchor text links, not all linked to the home page, the corresponding keywords can be linked to the corresponding internal pages, reduce the loss of the weight of the home page, increase the weight of the pages. The website uses nofollow label rationally The main profit source of the real estate net is the advertisement of the merchant, man

Professional Custom Real estate website, rental, sales House website development and construction

Professional Custom Real estate website, rent, Sales House website development and construction, house rental website system Custom source code, support computer version + Mobile version + version + small version +app version, by 10 technical team professional customization,

Real estate website optimization implementation work plan sharing

The optimization of the real estate site is the internal optimization, because of the huge amount of information, the number of pages, internal optimization to do in place is the need for a detailed plan and serious implementation. The author provides the program is the actual implementation of the work plan, only for reference. The first part: URL optimization Good URL decision: Clear, short, static, lo

The real estate website so constructs the outside chain resources to bring the effective flow

published content does not catch user needs, and how to manage it will not let people interested in your content. In the attention of others when thinking about what kind of people need to buy a house, rent, in the fan brush Weibo when browsing to what kind of content will be interested. Do not know the management of the real estate site Weibo account of the outside chain personnel have not thought about t

A second-hand housing intermediary website imitation Shanghai Zhongyuan Real estate Shanghai second-hand site

I used to be okay. Practicing do the interface is mainly imitation of Shanghai Zhongyuan Real estate Shanghai Second-hand site, the function of the code are written by themselves, mainly to achieve a simple several functions, user login function, member registration, industry news foreground display second-hand housing information, the administrator can review the listing information. Rental housing Informa

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