A cross-evaluation of the main stream ASP Content management system of the easy construction station

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For a webmaster, the site is indispensable to success is content, the most important is the content, so the use of dynamic background management update is the first choice. As a personal webmaster with limited energy and funds, it is not realistic to organize and develop itself. In fact, there are many mature CMS systems on the Web (content Management system, contents management systems). Only need to select a suitable product, and then make a simple change can be used.

So choose a powerful and suitable for their own CMS system is a headache, each CMS system has its own characteristics, such as some CMS system easy to operate, and some CMS system for search engine optimization done better. Below on the four currently popular use of ASP (asp.net) system of the CMS to comment on, and finally in these CMS system in how to choose, it depends on the actual needs and personal preferences.

  1, dynamic and easy CMS system http://www.powereasy.net

The dynamic CMS System provides Enterprise Edition, Professional Edition, Standard Edition, Personal Edition and popular version and so on, many websites use more popular version. Mobile CMS system by the article, download, mall, message, user management of the five modules and advertising, announcements, connections, statistics, collection, template management, database management, such as a number of common modules (Figure 1), 2006SP4 version has increased the function of SMS. The functionality required for the site is everything. The concept of CMS market, it seems difficult to find such as dynamic CMS system such a powerful CMS system, but its program itself is not small, optical compression package has 18.5MB, after decompression more 33MB, the initial installation of the need for at least 30M free space.

Figure 1

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Dynamic CMS system in the article management and advertising management are impeccable, here to say its collection function. Dynamic CMS system in the use of the acquisition function is a step, the user can be a step-by-Step debugging collection project set the correctness of the same support for advertising code filtering. The use of dynamic and easy CMS system acquisition is very easy to get started, but the disadvantage is that when the bulk of the article collection, the acquisition speed is not satisfactory, and in the acquisition of the server is very occupied resources. Speaking of acquisition speed, but also have to talk about dynamic CMS system of the article static page generation speed, its speed is also very slow.

In addition, the use of dynamic CMS system before the need to install the official provision of components, so that the site space is limited, after all, personal webmaster rarely have their own server, and the source code for the DLL package, for the site has a certain development, two times the development of more difficult.

Advantages: Powerful, can meet the needs of most small and medium sized websites

Disadvantages: Large program size, need DLL component support, acquisition speed and article static page generation speed is very slow

Ease of Use: ★

  2. Wind http://www.foosun.cn CMS system

The wind CMS system is a love and Hate website Content management system, because of its open source, high degree of freedom, powerful, the use of wind can completely design a Web site, but also because the freedom of the system is too high, so that the site from beginning to end need web designers to complete, greatly reducing the efficiency.

Wind inquiry CMS system is also through the form of tags to call data, the latest release of the v4.0 version, the program from the function and interface with the previous version has a great change, and provides a full version and the popular version of two free version. One of the popular version of the system with templates, with tags, so that the wind novice and inexperienced webmaster easier to start.

Wind v4.0 in the advertising management system, as always, from the addition of advertising options to see, can only add picture ads, other nuances there is no need to comment on one by one points. Also in the v4.0 is worth mentioning is the addition of articles and collection function, v4.0 has discarded multiple options in previous versions, integrating options such as "source", "author", "Keyword", "title" into one page (Figure 2), which is less troublesome when adding articles. The collection function of the wind is always known as simplicity, and it is not very difficult to write collection rules.

Figure 2

In general, although the Wind v4.0 released a SP1 patch, but is still not so satisfactory, in its official forum is also a curse sound, but the current open source CMS system has been very little, the disadvantage is that too many small bugs.

Advantages: Open source, high degree of freedom, suitable for small and medium websites

Disadvantages: Many small bugs, the new version is not user-friendly, the function has limited

Ease of Use: ★

  3, Science and http://www.kesion.com CMS system

Ke Xun cms system (KESIONCMS) is an ASP site Content management system in a new show, its fame although not easy CMS system and wind-fed CMS system, but its characteristics are stable enough, fewer bugs. At present, the v3.0 CMS system has just been released. Kesioncms v3.0 Integrated the previous version of all the advantages, on the original basis, the new film and television, shopping malls, supply and demand of the main system, and also integrated the blog, message, album, Friends Circle, Group, RSS online subscriptions and other practical modules, the entire system in a rich number of functions.

After entering the CMS system, the System Management, template label, article system, picture system, download system, collection management and other major functional templates at a glance (Figure 3), the official brought a large number of common labels, users need only a little modification can be used. In addition to the article, the system provides recommendations, scrolling, headlines, hot, slide and other types of news, to facilitate the display of different types of articles. section of the collection function similar to the dynamic CMS system, ease of use or relatively high, its advertising management system relative to the wind of the CMS is relatively perfect, providing GIF pictures, flash animation, plain text, embedded code four types of advertising.

Figure 3

Advantages: No redundant features, fewer bugs, to meet the needs of small and medium Web sites

Disadvantages: Blogs, albums, groups and other functions to be further improved.

Ease of Use: ★★★★

  4, the network odd news system http://www.iwms.net

When comparing the features of the free and commercial editions, the network odd Dvnews station System Limited function, the network odd News system provides "design" and "edit" template editing mode, through "design" mode can visually see the final effect of the template (Figure 4), in addition, Network Qi Dvnews Station System is a monthly commitment to introduce at least different styles of templates for users to use, which is also a good choice. Its article management feature automatically intercepts pictures in articles as caption pictures, and adds site watermarks to local pictures. In advertising management, the system defaults to provide the top of the site ads, news ads, classified content before the ads, classified content ads and other ads, users need to customize ads, but also in the "Ad system" feature template to set.

Figure 4

The collection function of the system is easy to use, but it is not supported in the free version of the remote downloading picture function.

The network odd News system in the function is completely satisfies the big, medium, the small website needs, the function centralism, the superiority manifests is more obvious, has the specialized template and the service company, will the program promotion development and the value-added service complete separation, and the service expense is low, applies the personal stationmaster.

Advantages: Strong function, flexible advertising management, user-friendly article management

Disadvantage: Too many server permissions are required

Ease of Use: ★★★★

This article is not particularly detailed evaluation, may have subjective tendencies, only for your reference.

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