A detailed description of the video streaming live server in Linux

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Build a live Streaming media server system (Linux operating system)


A set of streaming media server systems for OTT-TV large concurrent live and on-demand. Supports server-side solutions that record back and live on N x 24 hours.


L Microsoft Windows Media Services

L Server-side software: Windows Media Server

L Platform: Windows

L file Format: ASF, WMV


L Apple's Quick time series

L Server-side software: QuickTime Streaming Servers (open source version for Darwin streaming server)

L Platform: MacOS X, Linux, Windows

L file Format: MOV, MP4


adobe Media Server for Adobe

L Server-side software: Adobe Media Server

L Platform: Windows,linux

L File Format: FLV


L 800 Company's 800Li Media Server (domestic program)

L Service-side software: 800-in-stream Media server system

L Platform: Windows,linux (CentOS and Redhat)

L File Format: FLV

The following shows you how to build a streaming media server system under Linux (for example, 800 stream media streaming system) First step: pre-installation

1. Log on to Linux servers with Administrator account privileges;

2. Turn off the firewall; (You need to open some ports)

3, the server to configure fixed IP, can not be set to automatically obtain IP;

4, confirm that the operating system is CentOS or REDHAT6 version above.

Step Two: Pre-installation preparations

To open a terminal, the cache data folders required to build 4 modules are: Edge, live, storage, transcode (path set to/home/workspace/live), as follows:

Step Three: Installation steps

First, into the folder directory where the installation package is placed (/OPT), unzip the installation files of each module

Second, go to the folder where the files are extracted after decompression to install

Follow the prompts to set the settings (set the port, generally only by default)

During the installation process, you will be prompted to create an account login, taking 800li as an example. Set the password for the newly created 800li account after the installation is complete:

Third, after the installation is open and through the browser to access the IP address of http://The Web Management Server port, such as: Http://

Common operations commands for Linux

1. CD into the folder

2, CD. Go to current folder

3. cd. Go to previous folder

4. mkdir Create Folder

5. ll view the detailed catalogue contents

6. LS View all directory names

7, TAR–ZXF to extract file name extract files

8./install installation files

9. DF View Partition Directory

10, rm–r–f Delete directory and subordinate files

11. The Upward direction arrow displays the previous command

12. ALT+F1 Create a terminal window on the server

13. CTRL + C Reinstall files

14. CP Source File destination folder copy files to destination folder

15, cp-r source directory destination directory to copy the source folder to the destination folder

16. MV Source directory target directory cut the source folder to the destination folder

17. PWD Displays the current entire directory name

18, CD ~ Back to the root directory

19, Netstat–ltno View some ports are not listening

20. Service Iptables stop shutting down the firewall

21, the Account name Exchange Password command: passwd account name (such as passwd 800li)

A detailed description of the video streaming live server in Linux

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