A DHCP service is built on Linux system servers to achieve two basic functions: 1, auto-assign ip;2, manually assign IP

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Build DHCP service on Linux system server, realize two basic functions: 1, automatically assign IP address, 2, specify IP address manually.
First prepare two virtual machines as the experimental object, a Linux system as a server, a windows7 system as a client, both using the same virtual NIC Vmnet1, and using only host mode.
Determine if the disc status on the server is connected,

Use commands to view and Mount discs

Check that the DHCP package is installed, and if not, use RPM to install it. Copy the DHCP configuration file template and modify the configuration file to edit the DHCP, make the relevant settings and save the exit
= "alt=" Linux system server to build a DHCP service to achieve two basic functions: 1, automatically assign ip;2, manually specify IP "/>

Start the DHCP service

Change the NIC of the client to get IP automatically

Open the CMD Command Input window for the client, enter the command to automatically obtain the IP address assigned by the DHCP service, and you can see that the client obtains the IP assigned automatically

The first feature (auto-assigned IP) implements

Next, implement the second function.
Enter the command to view the client's Nic MAC address

On the Linux server, edit the configuration file that sets the DHCP, bind the client's MAC address, and specify the IP address

Restart the DHCP service

Frees the current IP address on the client and re-obtains the IP address specified by DHCP

The experiment is complete.

A DHCP service is built on Linux system servers to achieve two basic functions: 1, auto-assign ip;2, manually assign IP

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