A large collection of great Laravel resources: awesome-laravel

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A large collection of great Laravel resources: awesome-laravel

A list of great bookmarks, packages, tutorials, videos, and other cool resources in the Laravel ecosystem.

  • Documentation
  • API Reference
  • Laracasts
  • Laravel News
Laravel 5

Released on 4th February, 2015

  • Laravel 5 Fundamentals-Laracasts
  • New Features in Laravel 5-Laracasts and Matt Stauffer's blog
  • Release Notes-Laravel.com and Laravel News
  • Upgrade Guide-Laravel.com and Matt Stauffer
  • Learn Laravel 5 From Scratch-Laracasts
  • Learn Laravel 5 in Spanish duilio. me

Released on 14th RJL, 2015

  • Introduction (Laracasts)
  • Documentation
Code Snippets
  • Laravel Cheat Sheet
  • Laravel Tricks
  • Laravel Recipies
  • Laravel Snippets
  • Packagist
  • Laravel Collective
  • Packalyst
  • Cartalyst
  • Spatie
Popular Packages

This is a list of well-known ented, tested packages that are frequently used in Laravel projects. if you're looking for an exhaustive list of PHP packages, then check out the Package Repositories mentioned above.

Developer Tools
  • IDE Helper-Generates a helper file for IDE auto-completion
  • Laravel 5 Extended Generators-Extends built-in file generators
  • Laravel API/Scaffold/CRUD Generator-Generator for APIs, CRUD scaffolds etc.
Debugging & Profiling
  • Clockwork-Integrates Clockwork Chrome extension for debugging and profiling apps
  • Debug Bar-Integrates PHP Debug Bar with Laravel
  • Laravel 5 Log Viewer-Log viewer
Authentication & Authorisation
  • Entrust-Role-based Permissions
  • JWT Auth-JSON Web Token authentication for APIs
  • Laravel Permission Associate users with roles and permissions
  • Defender Roles & Permissions for Laravel 5
  • Oau2server Laravel-OAuth 2.0 authorization Server and resource server
  • Laravel Roles-Roles And Permissions For Laravel 5
  • Sentinel-Framework agnostic authentication & authorization system
  • Sociate-oauth authentication with Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.
  • Societe Providers-70 + social authentication providers for Societe
  • Bootstrapper-Set of classes to create Bootstrap 3 markup
  • Datatable-Server-side and client-side integration for jQuery Datatables plugin-This package is for DataTables 1.9! It is NOT compatible with 1.10 +!
  • Eloquent Sluggable-Create slugs for Eloquent models
  • HTML-Official HTML and Form Builders for Laravel
  • Intervention Image-Image handling library for creating, editing and composing images
  • Laravel Breadcrumbs-Create and manage breadcrumbs
  • Laravel Datatable-jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4 | 5
  • Laravel Dot Env Generator-Generate. env. gen file based on the project source code
  • Laravel Excel-Import and export Excel and CSV files
  • Laravel Hashids-Generate unique, non-sequential ids using Hashids
  • Laravel Markdown-CommonMark markdown parser
  • Laravel MediaLibrary-Associate files with Eloquent models
  • Laravel Messenger-User messaging system
  • Laravel Responsecache-Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response
  • Laravel Snappy-HTML to PDF generator using wkhtmltopdf
  • Laravel Stapler-ORM-based file upload manager
  • Laravel Tail-The missing tail command for Laravel 5
  • Laravel Stats Tracker-Gather information from requests to identify and store
  • Listify-Add sorting/ordering capabilities to any Eloquent model
  • NoCAPTCHA-Helper for Google's new noCAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA)
  • Revisionable-Create a revision history for Eloquent models
  • SEOTools-SEO Tools for Laravel and Lumen
  • Setting-Persistent configuration settings that are stored in JSON files
  • Teamwork-User to team associations with an invite system
  • Validating-Trait for validating Eloquent models
Working with Javascript
  • Laroute-Generate Laravel route URLs from JavaScript
  • PHP Vars to JavaScript Transformer-Pass server-side string/array/collection/whatever to JavaScript
Database, Migrations & Seeding
  • Backup Manager-Backup and restore databases from S3, Dropbox, SFTP etc.
  • Baum-Nested Sets pattern implementation
  • ClosureTable-Closure table pattern implementation
  • ISeed-Generate a new seed file from an existing database table
  • Laravel Backup-A package to backup your Laravel 5 app
  • Laravel Doctrine-Doctrine 2 ORM implementation for Laravel
  • Laravel MongoDB-Eloquent model and query builder with support for MongoDB
  • Migrations Generator-Generate migrations from an existing database
  • Tenanti-Multi-tenant database schema manager
  • Algolia Search-Integrates the Algolia Search API to the Laravel Eloquent ORM
  • Elasticquent-Elasticsearch for Eloquent models
  • Laravel Search-uniied API for Elasticsearch, Algolia, and ZendSearch
  • SearchIndex-Store and retrieve objects from Algolia or Elasticsearch
  • Searchable-Trait that adds a simple search function to Eloquent models
  • ApiGuard-Allow API authentication with API keys
  • Dingo API-Multi-purpose toolkit for developing RESTful APIs
  • Laravel CORS-Add CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support
Tasks, Commands and Scheduling
  • Dispatcher-schedcher for Artisan commands
  • Elixr-Node (NPM) package to run Gulp tasks that watch files, run tests, minify CSS, concatenate scripts etc.
  • Envoy-SSH Task Runner
  • Cashier-subscribe billing with Stripe
  • Omnipay for Laravel-Integrate the Omnipay PHP library
  • Intervention Image Cache-Caching extension for the Intervention Image Class
  • Laravel HTMLMin-Blade/HTML/CSS/javascript minifier
  • Language Files-Validation, Pagination and Reminders language lines in 37 languages ages
  • Laravel Localization-Add i18n support via routes
  • Laravel Translatable-Retrieve and store translatable Eloquent model instances
  • Laravel Translator-Translate Eloquent models into multiple languages
  • Laravel Date-A library to help you work with dates in multiple versions, based on Carbon.
Third-party Service Integration
  • Laravel Algolia-Algolia API bridge
  • Laravel Analytics-An opinionated Laravel 5 package to retrieve pageviews and other data from Google Analytics
  • Laravel DigitalOcean-DigitalOceanV2 bridge
  • Laravel Dropbox-Dropbox bridge
  • Laravel Facebook-Facebook API bridge
  • Laravel GitHub-PHP GitHub API bridge
  • Laravel GitLab-GitLab API bridge
  • Laravel Googletagmanager-Easily setup and send data to Google Tag Manager
  • Laravel Instagram-Instagram API bridge
  • Laravel Newsletter-Send newsletters with Mailchimp
  • Laravel Parse-PHP Parse SDK bridge
  • Laravel Pusher-Pusher API bridge
  • Laravel Pushwoosh-Pushwoosh API bridge
  • Laravel Vimeo-Vimeo API bridge
Development Setup
  • Homestead-Official Vagrant box for Laravel
    • Getting Started with Laravel Homestead
    • Installation on OSx and Linux
    • Installation on Windows
  • Install Laravel with Composer
    • Windows
    • Mac OSX or Linux
Application Hosting
  • Forge-Provision optimized PHP servers on Linode, DigitalOcean etc.
    • Server Management with Forge (Laracasts)
    • Getting your first site up and running in Laravel Forge (Matt Stauffer)
    • ForgeRecipes
  • FortRabbit (Video)
  • PagodaBox (Documentation)
  • Heroku (Tutorial)
  • IBM BlueMix (Tutorial)
Application Deployment
  • Envoyer-Zero down-time Deployer for PHP & Laravel projects
    • Deployments with Envoyer (Laracasts)
  • Rocketeer-Task runner and deployment package
Articles, Tutorials, Blogs etc.
  • Tuts +
  • SitePoint
  • Christopher Pitt
  • Culttt
  • Scotch
  • Fidelease
  • Maxoffsky
  • KodeInfo
  • CodeForest
  • Taylor Otwell
  • Digital Ocean
  • RTFM
  • Matt Stauffer
  • Creative Punch
  • Ryan Tablada
  • Mohammad Gufran
  • Adam Engebretson
  • CodeHeaps
  • Laravel India
  • Sheikh Heera
  • Vegi Bit
  • WSnippets
  • Ed login da
  • Kirk Bushell
  • Andrews Ang
  • DeveloPHP
  • Jason Lewis
  • Eric Barnes
  • Jens Segers
  • Neon Tsunami
  • Amitav Roy
  • Into Laravel
  • Stidges
  • Scott Wilcox
  • Clivern
  • Code Gains
  • Stillat
  • Easy Laravel Book Blog
  • Bosnadev
  • Do Vluzrmos (PT-BR)
  • CodeTutorial
  • Ryan Chenkie
  • Laravelista
  • Laravel Tips
  • Codingo Tuts
  • Antonio Carlos Ribeiro
  • Laravel Coding
  • Styde (ES)
  • Laravel Daily
  • Freek Van der Herten
  • Alfred Nutile
Video Tutorials
  • Laracasts
  • PHP Emy
  • Fallendown2005
  • Userscape
  • Treehouse
  • Anthony Vipond
  • Design Code Blade
  • Format C:
  • Brandon bow.
  • Jason Chaney
  • David Mosher
  • Maarten (muukrls)
  • Yavor Kirov
  • Lynda
  • Tuts +
  • Novica Vukobratovic
  • Duilio Palacios
  • Laracon US
  • Laracon EU
  • ArtisanConf
  • Laracon EU 1, 2015
  • Laracon EU 1, 2014
  • Laracon US 2014
  • Laracon EU 1, 2013
  • Laracon US 2013
  • Laravel: Code Bright
  • Laravel: From Apprentice To Artisan
  • Laravel 4 Cookbook
  • Laravel Testing Decoded
  • Implementing Laravel
  • Getting Stuff Done with Laravel 4
  • Laravel Application Development Blueprints
  • Build APIs You Won't Hate
  • Integrating Front end Components with Web Applications
  • Laravel Design Patterns and Best Practices
  • Step by Step Real World Application with Laravel 4
  • Learning Laravel 4 Application Development
  • Getting Started with Laravel 4
  • Laravel Application Development Cookbook
  • Building Web Applications Using Parse REST API
  • Laravel-My First Framework
  • Easy Laravel 5
  • Laravel 5 Essentials
  • Easy E-Commerce Using Laravel and Stripe
  • Laravel 5.1 Beauty
  • Design Patterns with PHP and Laravel
  • Laravel 5 Learn Easy
  • Mastering Laravel
  • How to Build Real-Time Laravel Apps with Pusher
Codebases for Reference
  • 92 Five
  • Bootstrap CMS
  • Cachet
  • Deployer
  • Invoice Ninja
  • Laravel 5 Boilerplate
  • Laravel Tricks
  • Laravel. IO
  • October
  • Paperwork
  • PHPHub
  • PyroCMS
  • StyleCI
  • TypiCMS
  • Wardrobe
  • Flarum
  • Lavalite
  • Laravel News (archive)
  • Laravel Weekly
  • Laravel. io Forum (Old Forum Archive)
  • Laracasts Forum (Old Forum Archive)
  • Laravel Podcast
  • Larachat Slack (Signup)
  • Gitter
  • IRC Channel
  • StackOverflow
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
Local User Groups
  • Laravel Russia (VK group)
  • Laravel France
  • Laravel Myanmar
  • Laravel Indonesia (Facebook group)
  • Laravel Brasil (Facebook group)
  • Laravel Turkey (Facebook group)
  • Laravel Nigeria (Facebook group)
  • Laravel China
  • Laravel Taiwan (Facebook group)
  • Laravel Spanish
  • Laravel Korea (Facebook group)
  • Laravel Morocco
  • Laravel Japan (Facebook group)
  • All Meetups
  • London Meetup
  • BuNos groups, Argentina Meetup
  • Morocco Meetup
  • LaraJobs
  • Laravel Gurus
  • With Laravel
Hosted Development Tools
  • Laragen-View generator
  • Laravel Schema Designer-Create, export and share database schemas
  • Laravel Database Designer-Graphical tool to create database schemas
  • Larasites-Collection of projects built with Laravel
  • Built with Laravel-Collection of open source projects built with Laravel
  • CodeCanyon-Paid scripts and plugins
  • Laramap-Interactive map of Laravel developers
From: https://github.com/chiraggude/awesome-laravel

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