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Python applications also support object-oriented programming languages. Python is indeed a developer language that is easy to operate and understand. It fully integrates C and C ++ programming, users who are just getting started can also get started easily.

The Tk that comes with the Python distribution version is the most commonly used tool by Python developers. However, Tk lacks accessible and easy-to-use GUI tools. The just-launched PythonCard project is still in the prototype phase, but may fill this gap in the future. Boa-constructor has attracted some Python programmers, but it is really complicated to use it to create a fully functional IDE.

What's worse than the lack of GUI tools is that Python almost does not support team-developed protocol tools. Java is quite rich in these tools, at least comparable to C ++. In the enterprise software development market, this defect can be seen as critical.

Without such tools, it is almost impossible for many programmers to develop the same project together. Python uses its modular and namespace analysis features to alleviate this demand. These features enable multiple programmers to develop projects without code conflicts.

However, this does not change the severity of the lack of collaborative performance. I have also done so. It is still a complicated issue to determine whether to try or accept Python in the enterprise. Let's put aside all kinds of arguments, at least we can get the following consensus:

◆ If you already have a large number of PHP code or PHP applications, it is not feasible to migrate to Python.
◆ If you have a strong Java code foundation but need a large number of small applications, small programs and code interfaces, Python/Jython may save you a lot of development time.
◆ If you have one or two programmers working at leisure, I suggest you let them study Python to see if it will be useful in the future.

IT usually involves a lot of tasks, but few resources are needed to support these tasks. This has become a public secret. Any IT solution that promises to improve coding efficiency and reduce software costs should be carefully considered. A significant advantage of Python is that it can save a lot of money in the Software creation and maintenance phase of the enterprise, and the software costs in these two stages account for 50% to 95% of the total cost of the entire software lifecycle.
The clear and readable Syntax of Python makes software code exceptionally easy to understand, and even feels so strong to programmers who are not initially engaged in and developing original projects. Although some programmers oppose the extensive use of spaces in Python code.

However, almost everyone acknowledges that the readability of Python code is far better than that of C or Java, and both adopt specialized Character Mark code block structures, loops, functions, and the beginning and end of other programming structures. Those who advocate Python also claim that using these characters may produce significant differences in programming style, making it difficult for those who are responsible for maintaining the code to read the code.

Python's clear syntax makes it a learning curve and programming language. Experienced programmers may even master the basic knowledge of Python within one day, but they will be able to get started after at most one week, programming Language experts will certainly be much faster than their knowledge of C, C ++, Java, and even Perl.

The biggest benefit of Python due to its clear syntax may be a significant reduction in development time. A developer engaged in enterprise-level application development told me that the development time of his unit was greatly reduced by the adoption of Python.

At the same time, it did not bring any negative impact to the software performance, he said: "In our business, developing new products quickly is much more important than developing software products with amazing performance, the development time is much more expensive than the software optimization in hourly calculation ).
It is always difficult to determine the criteria used for development speed. However, it is generally believed that the speed of developing Python applications is about 10 times faster than that of developing similar applications using Java. It will save more time than C/C ++.

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