A "problem" caused by GCC Optimization"

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Author: Laruence () address of this article: www.laruence.com201406262955.html reprinted. Please note that the source was originally posted on long Weibo. However, in view of this, if you haven't updated your blog for a long time, please refer to it, we spent nearly two hours watching the white-hot job, so we don't have to vomit: everything is going to start from around five o'clock P.M. today, debugging an extension.

Author: Laruence () address of this article: http://www.laruence.com/2014/06/26/2955.html reprint please indicate the source is originally sent in long microblogging, but, in view of, for a long time did not update the blog on the turn, gather the number of it, we spent nearly two hours watching the white-hot job, so we don't have to vomit: everything is going to start from around five o'clock P.M. today, debugging an extension.

  • Author: Laruence ()
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It was originally posted on long Weibo, but since it has not been updated for a long time ...... Let's turn it over. Let's get together the number.

I have been busy for nearly two hours, so I don't want to vomit:

Everything is going to start from around five o'clock P.M. today, debugging an extension, using valgrind (valgrind-3.8.1) for routine checks, unfortunately valgrind reports invalid read:

When db attach is enabled, the following errors are reported:

Because in php ng (PHP New Generation), a New string structure is used to save the string, that is, zend_string:

After troubleshooting for half a day, I confirmed that the op was properly initialized. What is the problem?

I suddenly saw op as a string with a length of 1 "0" and suddenly remembered that we made a "fine" optimization before, because for the above struct, in a 64-bit system, sizeof it, due to padding, will actually get a size larger than 8 + 8 + 4 + 1 (21) (8 + 8 + 8 = 24 ).

So we will not use the general practice:

str = malloc(sizeof(str) + len + 1)

To apply for memory for a string with the length of len. Instead, the following code is used:

str = malloc ((int)((str*)0)->val) + len + 1)

To apply for memory for a string, so for "0", we actually apply to allocate 22 bytes of memory.

But what's the problem? So let's go to db attach again, and let's take a look at the reason for disassmble:

Well, the problem lies in the f3b5 line. GCC reads a word size data at the position 0 × 10 (% rdx). % rdx is the zend_string op pointer at this time, the offset of 0x10 is str-> len. it turns out that the GCC optimization is clever.

if (str->len == 1 && str->val[0] == '0')

Optimized to a command that is compared with a data 0x3000000001 ....

As mentioned above, because this str only has 22 bytes, when trying to read 8 bytes from the 16 offset, we actually read three more bytes in the str structure ...... So it's invalid read.

The problem is clear. A harmless report (and 0 xffffffffff) is caused by the clever Optimization of GCC )............ So, I am busy .... (Of course, it is best to fix it. The solution I plan to fix now is to allocate a minimum of 24 bytes ).

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  • , T. k. writes. I think this problem may be avoided if you modify the padding parameter of gcc based on the existing code.
  • , 23213213 writes: 34324324
  • , Ccg writes: _ zend_string struct specifies whether the byte alignment is 1 # pragma pack (1) can solve the problem
  • , Writes: Good blog, the content is exactly what I need.
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