A qualified programmer does not care about others' opinions.

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A qualified programmer does not care about others' opinions.

My hand is shaking ...... I can hardly breathe

After six months of training, I just completed my first one-on-one coding evaluation. But it's not as smooth as I thought.

To be honest, I feel like my brain cells have been bombed.

The hands slowly left the keyboard, and my heart was quite depressed. You can't help but pray: everything will go smoothly, right? At least in some places, my answer should be blank, isn't it?

Is it really a huge mistake for a programmer to select programming? can I never be a programmer?

I need some comfort. When self-doubt, insecurity, and weakness come to me like a tornado, I ran to communicate with my mentor: "I know I am not doing well, but I will grow up, my efforts can make me a developer, right?" He shrugged and said, "Actually, I really want to say ...... Programming is not suitable for everyone. Not everyone can master it. "

I was crushed by a tornado.

After drinking, I went back to the classroom and happened to meet another TA in the hall. She asked me about my situation, and I told her my fears and worries, saying, "Maybe I am not suitable for doing this ". I still remember her answer, "you can do it. Don't let anyone tell you that you cannot be a programmer !"

I was surprised by her affirmation and confidence. "Are you sure ?" I asked, but I hoped she could encourage me again. She smiled. "Aubrey, this will be a very difficult process. However, if you are steadfast, you can become a developer. "

That night I had a sense of mission.

I asked myself why I wanted to be a developer? I have always been deeply in love with technology and art and are willing to help others. When I was still young, I did not know which direction I should develop. so I first went to school to teach, then Nashvill to create music, and then went to Central America to do humanitarian work, finally, I went to work on an Apple Store in Boulder.

No matter how my career changes, I cannot find a method that combines my strengths and expertise until I find software development.

I often get annoyed. Why didn't I start early? Yes, when I was a child, many people said that I was "not very good at mathematics" and thought that I was more "creative"-having music and artistic talent. These comments from the outside have influenced my position and made me feel that these internal boundaries cannot be crossed just like Tiangu.

That night, after I thought twice, I suddenly realized that I was too worried about setbacks. That is to say, at that moment, I made up my mind that no matter how difficult I was to face, no matter how many failures I had to go through, I had to work hard and put aside the shackles of my thoughts, devote yourself to learning.

Ten months later ......

In less than a year after the negative impact of self-doubt was evicted, I was honored to announce to the world that I became a developer and, I have been working in a position I dreamed of at Keen IO for three months. I feel like dreaming every day. it's incredible. I did it!

I not only learned more code myself, but also created a course for apprenticeship program teaching with my team, this allows you to learn coding in the correct way outside of training camps and universities, learn more about new technologies, and grow as a developer.

The Learner Program allows learners to develop and discuss projects in pairs. This group atmosphere makes people more likely to ask questions and get answers.

Two reasons for sharing this story

If you want to become a developer, you need to be prepared-because there will be a variety of people who will give you their views on the way forward. Positive and negative: regard positive as encouragement, and spur yourself to make persistent efforts; then regard negative as a stepping stone to help you climb the peak, rather than a stumbling block, leading to your hold.

If you are already a programmer, I hope you can exercise caution. Primary developers can choose to use encouraging words to point out their shortcomings. It may be because your words will change the path of their life in the future. Of course, you 'd better tell them at the same time that only through persistent learning can you establish a foothold in this charming and cruel software development world.

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