A simple prevention method for bitcoin mining Trojans

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Comments: Video card mining virtual currency bitcoin is far more efficient than CPU. If you are a 3D game player and just hit the bitcoin mining Trojan, you will find it very choppy during the game. Here we will share with you a simple prevention method for bitcoin mining Trojan.

Now the price of Bitcoin has risen very high, so there are hackers dedicated to create mining Trojans to induce netizens, so as to control the graphics card on the computer to mine Bitcoin. Why do Trojans need to control the computer's graphics card? Because the efficiency of video card mining of virtual currency bitcoin is far higher than that of CPU. If you are a 3D game player, just hit the bitcoin mining Trojan, you will find that the game is very slow. The following describes some simple preventive methods.

Tool/raw material anti-virus software

Method 1. Install the antivirus software to update the virus database and install the antivirus software on the computer to update the latest virus database files. Open the anti-virus software and click upgrade now on the software.

After the update is complete, we may need to restart it to take effect.

Method 2: prevent popular online video files. Nowadays, virus and Trojan horses are all disguised as some of the most popular videos, such as the popular movies "zhiqing" and "Chinese partners. Therefore, when we watch or download a video online, we need to check whether the downloaded video file is secure. Generally, the video files are hundreds of megabytes. If you encounter a file with a small capacity named after a video, you should pay special attention to it.

Do not open some unknown websites when surfing the Internet. For example, we can see some URL links sent by others in the group and do not click them easily.

We should try our best to go to a regular and large-scale website with high credibility, so that our internet security can be ensured. For example, we can find the website we want to go to on the hao123 homepage.

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