A summary of how C # plays background music

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a summary of how C # plays background music

This article mainly introduced the C # Play background music method, the example summarizes the C # plays the background music the related skill, very has the practical value, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under

This article summarizes the method of C # playing background music. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows:

The most written WinForm program, which is useful to play background music

Here are some online tutorials:

1. Calling unmanaged DLLs


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-12 Using System.Runtime.InteropServices; DllImport namespace Reference class Test//Beep {[DllImport ("Winmm.dll")] public static extern bool PlaySound (String filename,int Mod , int Flags); public void Main () {PlaySound (@ "D:/qm.wav", 0, 1);///replace 1 with 9 for continuous playback}}

2. Playback system with sound


1 2 3 4 5 System.Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk.Play (); System.Media.SystemSounds.Beep.Play (); System.Media.SystemSounds.Exclamation.Play (); System.Media.SystemSounds.Hand.Play (); System.Media.SystemSounds.Question.Play ();

3. Use System.Media.SoundPlayer to play WAV


1 2 3 System.Media.SoundPlayer sp = new SoundPlayer (); Sp. Soundlocation = @ "D:10sec.wav"; Sp. Playlooping ();

4. Use MCI Command string Multimedia Device program interface to play Mp3,avi, etc.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11-12 Using System.Runtime.InteropServices; public static UINT Snd_async = 0x0001; public static UINT snd_filename = 0x00020000; [DllImport ("Winmm.dll")] public static extern uint mciSendString (string lpstrcommand, String lpstrreturnstring, uint Ureturnlength, uint hwndcallback); public void Play () {mcisendstring (@ "Close Temp_alias", NULL, 0, 0); mciSendString (@ "open" "E:music blue and White porcelain. mp3" "Alias Temp_al IAS ", null,0,0); mciSendString ("Play Temp_alias repeat", NULL, 0, 0); }

For detailed parameter descriptions on mcisendstring, see MSDN, or Http://blog.csdn.net/psongchao/archive/2007/01/19/1487788.aspx

5, using the AxWindowsMediaPlayer COM components to play

A. Load COM components: Toolbox->choose items->com components->windows Media Player:

B. Drag and drop the Windows Media Player control into the WinForm form, and set the URL property in AxWindowsMediaPlayer1 to MP3 or Avi's file path, F5 run.

How do I use Windows Media Player to loop through the media files in my list?

Let's say we have a playlist and the following code can be used to loop automatically


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12-13 private void Axwindowsmediaplayer1_playstatechange (object sender, Axwmplib._wmpocxevents_playstatechangeevent e) {if (axwindowsmediaplayer1.playstate = = WMPLib.WMPPlayState.wmppsMediaEnded) {Thread thread = new Thread (new ThreadStart (Playthread)); Start (); } private void Playthread () {Axwindowsmediaplayer1.url = @ "E:musicsomeone.avi"; AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.Ctlcontrols.play (); }

I hope this article will help you with the C # program.

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