A summary of how to set ora-01031:insufficient privileges solution in Linux environment

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Need to use the SYS user today to handle the problem, but the error above ora-01031:insufficient privileges.

There are many ways to do this online, and this is the way to test your own steps.

1: First check whether the file Sqlnet.ora file is set correctly (the file address is your Oracle installed directory)

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    1. # Sqlnet.ora Network Configuration File:/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/network/admin/sqlnet.ora
    2. # Generated by Oracle configuration tools.
    3. NAMES. Directory_path= (TNSNames, Ezconnect, HOSTNAME)
    4. <span style="color: #FF0000;" >sqlnet. authentication_services= (All)
    5. </span>

2: If the above settings are correct (why the settings can refer to http://blog.csdn.net/huoyin/article/details/45544709)

Then use the connection tool such as SSH to access the Linux server here, note that if multiple instances exist, you need to specify

Log in to Oracle

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    1. Su-oracle

Specifying instances

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    1. Export oracle_sid=***

3: Need to check system configuration

Log in to Oracle

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    1. Sqlplus/as SYSDBA


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    1. Sql> Show parameter password
    3. ------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
    4. Remote_login_passwordfile string EXCLUSIVE
    5. Sql>

2: Check which users are

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    1. Sql> SELECT * from v$pwfile_users;
    3. ------------------------------ ----- -----
    4. SYS true true
    5. Sql>

Because I've already manipulated it. Now the display is SYS, not set is empty

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    1. Sql> Grant SYSDBA to SYS;
    2. Grant SYSDBA to SYS
    3. *
    4. ERROR at line 1:
    5. ORA-01994: GRANT failed: password file missing or disabled

3: Add file now to exit Oracle user

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    1. Sql> exit
    2. Disconnected from Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release
    3. With the partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options
    4. [Email protected] ~]$

4: Add File

Execute Add encrypted build password file

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    1. [Oracle@dd ~] $orapwd file=/app/oracle/product/10.2. 0/dbs/orapwprice.ora password=111111 entries=force=y

The file is a orapw+ instance because it is Linux. ora
Window is an instance of pwd+. Ora

5: Restart the service, log in with Sys

A summary of how to set ora-01031:insufficient privileges solution in Linux environment

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