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About SSL Certificates I have written two articles, one is Nginx configuration, one is Tomcat configuration, HTTPS is very common.

according to Let's Encrypt CA statistics, as of November 2017, Firefox-loaded web pages with HTTPS-enabled ratios accounted for 67%, a huge boost compared to 45% at the end of last year. Browser developers like Mozilla, Google is ready to take the next step: to mark all HTTP sites as unsafe.
with The popularization of HTTPS, add an SSL certificate to the website is the trend and it is necessary.
There are many free and useful SSL certificate, so this article will take a look at the free SSL certificate of those things.

First,Let ' s Encrypt

Official website: https://letsencrypt.org/
Reviews: No doubt, Let's Encrypt is currently the most widely used free SSL certificate, and the official blog announces that the wildcard SSL certificate, known as wildcard certificates, has been available since 2018. This for the majority of personal webmaster, is undoubtedly a good news. The only drawback is that the certificate issued by let's Encrypt is valid for only 3 months, although it can be automatically renewed through scheduled tasks.
How to apply? You can use the lamp add command to automatically create an SSL certificate by installing lamp. You can also apply for a certificate manually through the following online application website.
Online Application Site 1 (Chinese): https://freessl.org/
Online Application Site 2 (English): https://www.sslforfree.com/
Online Application Site 3 (English): https://gethttpsforfree.com/


Official website: https://www.trustasia.com/
Reviews: Trustasia is an emerging SSL certificate provider in China and a platinum partner in the Symantec Asia Pacific region. As Symantec's CA business is completed by DigiCert acquisitions, its certificate chain has also changed from Symantec to DigiCert. The free 1-year DV SSL certificate is also now available.
Online Application URL: https://freessl.org/


Official website: https://alwaysonssl.com/
Reviews: Alwaysonssl is a new free and automatic certification body. It is run by Certcenter and Digicert and provides a 6-month DV SSL certificate for free.
Online Application URL: https://alwaysonssl.com/


Official website: https://www.comodo.com/
Reviews: In Let's Encrypt did not come out before the Comodo market share was the first place. With let's Encrypt prevalence, Comodo in the DV SSL market share gradually decline, but still is the leading enterprise of SSL. Currently Comodo also offers free 90-day free DV SSL certificate.
online application URL 1:https://secure.instantssl.com/products/sslidasignup1a
online application URL 2:https://www.100tb.com/
Note:100TB provides free 1-year Comodo certificate, if you need to register as a member before you can apply in the background. The 100TB rule is that issued certificates can only be used on the products of their home, otherwise there is a risk of being revoked. When applying, please bring your own CSR (Certificate Signing request), here is the CSR online generation tool. Reference URL: https://www.csr.sh/


Official website: https://www.cloudflare.com/
Reviews: Cloudflare early on to provide free SSL certificates, provided that your domain name to be placed in the Cloudflare resolution, registered as the release Plan.
Note: As long as the domain name joins Cloudflare free Plan, when parsing a record, click traffic to this hostname will go through Cloudflare. In general, this free Universal SSL contains a large heap of other people's Domain names (the certificate is also issued by Comodo). Of course, if you care more about this, you can pay to buy its dedicated SSL Certificate ($5/month) or dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom hostnames ($10/month).


Official website: https://www.alphassl.com/
Reviews: actually ALPHASSL does not provide SSL certificates for free and is expensive. But Alphassl and SingleHop have a cooperative relationship, free to SingleHop's customers issued certificates, even including the wildcard SSL certificate. According to this rule, a tool for automatic distribution of certificates has been developed. See: Https://github.com/Vittfarne/ASSL
in other words, if you have a SingleHop service, you can use your account password and the tool to become a live Lei Feng. But, inevitably, such a live Lei Feng is not long. In general, the end will be due to abuse by SingleHop to close the account.
It is important to note that if you apply for this SSL certificate, there will be an awareness that SSL certificates may be revoked at any time.
Reference website for details: https://www.lowendtalk.com/discussion/comment/2306096/#Comment_2306096
Online Application URL: https://en.assl.space/

About SSL Certificate HTTPS

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