about installing the Oracle 11G R2 for Windows X64 issue

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#* Special Instructions *

#关于下载工具的使用: Do not use thunder download, at least I use the QQ whirlwind download two compressed folders within the folder merge does not appear to need to replace the problem, if there is a need to replace, stating that the download is not successful, and if you have replaced, when Oracle created the database, there will be an error.

#关于两个压缩包的文件夹合并, copy all contents of database\stage\components folder inside the 2of2 to 1of2database\stage\components inside, if the request substitution appears, the download is incorrect, To use QQ whirlwind download.

FAQ One:

Ora-00604:error occurred at recursive SQL level 1

If the above error occurs, then congratulations, you download the wrong, you must use QQ whirlwind download.

Operating system version:

Windows server R2 STD X64 CN

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