According to the survey, Word is used every day for 16 minutes and only 6% use free Office

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Although OpenOffice and Google Docs, which hold the free flag, are all trying to challenge Microsoft in the office field, it seems that there is still a little bit of hype, and the usage of the two is only a little more than 6%.

According to a survey conducted by ClickStream Technologies on 2400 adult Internet users from to this year,Microsoft Office Word usage up to 51%, The average user uses 16.4 days, 16.0 minutes a day, execute the mouse to click 1797 times, also from the Office setExcel also earned 26% usageBut it can only be ranked third, becauseNotePad (NotePad) is more popular. The usage of 48% is basically the same as that of Word., But the other three indicators are much lower: 4.5 days per person, 4.5 minutes per day, and 81 mouse clicks.

In free office software,OpenOfficeBest Performance, usage is5%And other indicators are much higher than those in Notepad: 8.7 days per person, 9.3 minutes per day, and 548 clicks per day.

Google Docs and Google SpreadSheetsIt caused a sensation during the release. It is widely believed that it will lead the new trend of Online office work and attract the attention of Microsoft. However, the utilization rate of the two is still high.Only 1% and 0.3% respectivelyThe number of days used by each person during the survey is only 1.5 days and 3.3 days.68% of users use the Google service and Microsoft WordFor OpenOffice, this proportion is only 26%.

Another point is that no one uses "open in Google Docs" In Gmail to view attachments.

In addition to the above well-known software (services), Zoho Virtual Office is also liked by a few users, but the usage is far lower than 1%, while ThinkFree and WriteBoard are unattended.

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