"Accumulate a piece: He mountain stone, turn jade to attack" Resolving XP system. Net Framework 4 Installation with fatal error (0x80070643)

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The first step:

1. Start-run-enter cmd--carriage return--Enter the net stop WuAuServ in the open window

2. Start-run-enter%windir%

3. In the open window there is a folder called SoftwareDistribution, rename it to Sdold

4. Start-run-enter cmd--carriage return-Enter the net start WuAuServ in the open window

Step Two:

1. Start-run-enter regedit--carriage return

2. Find the registry, Hkey_local_machine\sofware\microsoft\internet Explorer under the main subkey, click Main, in the menu above to find "edit"-"permissions",

After clicking, the words "Allow Full Control" will appear, and you can check them. The reason for this situation, mainly with ghost to do the system, there are many systems to the internet to kidnap ie.

Step Three: Install net.framework4.0

PS: Follow the above steps to successfully install the net.framework4.0, but found a solution to find a netizen said in accordance with this method does not list other solutions:

1. Follow the above method to change the permissions of the main permission to change the permissions of the folder, and then changed the inside a lot of file permissions, and then a good "from Baidu know"

2. I have also encountered, should be your previous version is not full, starting from. NET1.0, put 1,2,3.5, all loaded, and then installed 4 no problem, go to the Microsoft Chinese official website "from Baidu Know"

3. Re-install the system

The above method is transferred from Baidu Experience: http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/4f7d57129c69511a2019279d.html

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