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(i) before the start of the project

Engaged in product work for more than a year, but I have been suffering from such or such confusion, many people want to engage in products, or the boss of their own business to bear the product of the job, but they do not understand the position of the product is clear, some think it is purely painting prototype, some think to do project management tracking project Progress, Some are to do competitive analysis to the boss to see. In fact, these are not the core and focus of the product manager. In the more mature enterprises, because of the growth of products and the increase in personnel, in order to facilitate collaboration and communication, the post will be refined very clearly, such as product managers, interaction designers, UI designers, user experience analysts, data analysts, operations and so on. But entrepreneurial companies in the product managers are often a number of jobs, start-up companies to pursue the maximization of efficiency, the lowest cost, there is no energy to the post so meticulous. I will look at the whole process from the perspective of an entrepreneur or a product manager responsible for a product project, to see what a product manager needs from scratch.

Product from concept to output to process

Before doing anything, the first thing to consider is the user needs, business value, technical difficulty behind it. Only the user has the demand, your product will be used, only its business value is established, can bring profit for the enterprise, after all, the most basic goal of the enterprise is to profit; only a technical overall assessment is feasible and the entire project can be implemented. Now the Internet business, we are in the pursuit of "fast", such as 2 months of financing, April users million, 3 years after the Nasdaq listing. But this is everyone to see the appearance of the success of other people's business, but do anything the premise is that you have to understand what you are doing, admittedly, do not rule out what the courage and good luck to do it, but it is only a case, not worth looking into.

First, the user needs

1.1 Product positioning

In the implementation of the project, we often fall into a situation, is a bunch of people in a piece, the atmosphere of the discussion is a high mood, a said this place button not, B said this place should be like someone else's app, C said you are wrong should be this module do not replace this. Often participate in this discussion, it will be extremely time-consuming and physical strength, usually a few hours past, but a meeting, find out what results have not come out. In most cases, there must be a problem with the product positioning. The implementation of the people must clearly understand what the product is used for, to whom to use, in order to discuss the specific details of the normal. If the boiling blood, pedal nose on the face of the discussion for a long time, found no results, found that the discussion of the meeting ran off, may wish to return to the essence, think of our product positioning is what.

Product Definition: product positioning contains two large content one is the product definition and the other is the requirement definition. Product Definition The content to be analyzed contains the product's user population, key features, and product features.

For example, you want to start a business now to get a mobile recruitment app, what should you do as a product manager first? China's annual employment is very large, the industry is also various, then you have to think, your product is to provide services to what kind of people, if you want to serve all sectors of the population that is impossible, first a small company to integrate so many industry recruitment information itself is very difficult, Not everyone in the industry is so receptive to the Internet.

Through data analysis and research, found that the country now encourages entrepreneurship, the peak of entrepreneurship will inevitably produce a large number of manpower needs, especially on the scene almost said that no business is not related to the Internet, and the Internet people to accept the app is very high, at least willing to try. So you use the Internet as a product of the people in the industry.

When you finish analyzing other recruiting apps, you find that these apps have a lot of problems, such as I am looking for Beijing West second flag side of the job, but many apps are currently no location screening, although can be the sea, but the feedback is very few, can understand the enterprise information is too small, before the delivery is established, As a job seeker want to know who the boss of this company is, now all the internet age, e-resume completely can be, why each recruitment also need to print resumes, to know that the print resume for job seekers is not very convenient, because at any time will change, this is very inconvenient for job seekers. So you plan to do this app, his feature is 1, Position support Enterprise location classification, 2, the recruiter should always give feedback to job seekers; 3. Cancel the paper resume. The main function is recruitment. Now we name the app the Flying Pigeon job.

requirement Definition: the analysis of requirement definition includes three aspects of target user, usage scene and user goal. The target user is what type of person will use your product, the main function is what your product is used for, whether the tool is social or otherwise, and what is the difference between your product and other products on the market, this is the product feature.

We have just identified the applicable crowd, main functions and product features of the app. The recruitment app on the market, there are some do headhunting specifically for the hope of job-hopping, your app's target users who? Based on feature function analysis and user pain points, the target users of the product are those who want to find work in the specific location, such as people who have settled in Beijing after the Sand Valley, hoping to work in wangjing; When you just moved to Huilongguan, at this time you face a change of job, you may be inclined to find the West two flag side of the job.

1.2 Demand Analysis

The above is the content of all product positioning. After these completion, the next is the competition product analysis and user research, on the one hand this is a certain degree of verification of our needs, on the other hand is our direct contact with the user a chance to see what the user needs.

1.3 Requirements Screening

Early requirements screening is a very bitter thing, if the product manager himself is the boss, his mind is very clear also line, if not very easy to get into the huge demand in the pull out, discussion on the run off, after the discussion as if what functions are needed, this function is useful, must add; that feature is too much fun, The user must be interesting. This is always entirely by personal judgment of things, often sounded reasonable at that time, but afterwards but can not withstand scrutiny. So we need to always hold our product positioning and priority, million can not blindly in this place to do a lot of fearless sacrifice and struggle (less do not think, Pat the head, not through the brain decision).

Requirements Record table:

Early in the demand screening period, there will be a lot of such or such a demand, some of us can not immediately make a judgment to say do or good, these ideas may become our product iteration of the inspiration Point, but also to the development of products to bring a broader thinking. Management, respect for each person's ideas, in the presence of ambiguity, record download, the promotion and progress of the Conference will be a great help.

Second, business value

Market demand documents and business requirements documents, generally in large companies will be more mature embodiment. A small company is often the boss's own decision, the boss may not engage in such or such a document, but he will certainly do a basic understanding, or he himself knows a certain industry. These two documents are not superfluous or cumbersome, and it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time in understanding the industry and the user before the project starts. Specific document details here do not elaborate, there are many online can be used to learn from.

Third, technical assessment

As a person who is not technically born, it is no longer the place to turn a pen. Respect for developers, and development to get along with a little, will be very helpful to promote the product.

(ii) in the implementation of the project

In the previous article has been told that the project should be done before the start of the three large 1, demand, 2, business, 3, technology. After these preparations are finished, the next step is execution, which is not as macroscopic as it should have been before, but requires you to be careful and patient enough.

First, the product level

After the demand has been generated, the product personnel can then produce the demand documents, the requirements of the document to the next interactive design (startups tend to be the product manager), UI design plays a key role, of course, in the process of the need to hear the document, if there is a full-time interactive design, In the requirements phase, it is best to work with the product staff to discuss the details of the requirements document, which is helpful for the interactive design to understand the overall requirements, as well as for prototyping and writing interactive instructions.

The requirements document roughly contains the following aspects:

Background Description: Why do you carry out this project? What problem does the user solve? How much value will it have? Basically is the project to do before the start of homework to summarize, it must be concise and clear.

User portrait: A virtual description of the user's characteristics to clarify the user situation.

Project time planning: When to come out of the prototype? When to come out with a real design, and when to go into development? When does the test start? When do I start submitting to the App Store? These need to be clear, otherwise, if there is no time concept, anything will procrastinate, no sense of urgency.

Information structure diagram: The content organization structure of the app. The following is an example of a simple given basic structure.

Task Flowchart: For the large function of the app, the user from the beginning to the end of the whole process of carding out, to consider the various possibilities, otherwise if the development of the problem asked you, you have to reconsider, the more frightening is the development of not ask you directly developed, and the results are not what you want. Let's take a simple login as an example:

Requirements: The conditions and results of each operation is clear, if you can use text to speak clearly with the text, the best use of the picture is not clear. Maybe some people will say, this time there is no wireframe, how to explain AH. This is not a contradiction, the early requirements of the document is used to look at the interaction (again, the entrepreneurial company's products may be interactive), interactive designers based on your functional structure and process comb to design wireframes and high-fidelity prototype map.

Data buried point: the later need to view the data listed as a list, such as the click-through rate of the button, the page's opening rates, and so on, this time need and operation of more communication, the need to do a place to bury the point clear. This is useful for data analysis after the product is on-line, and the data can assist in the iteration of the product function.

Second, the interactive design

After the requirements have been collated, the next steps are the design and output of wireframes, page flows, high-fidelity prototypes, and interactive descriptions. High-fidelity prototypes are specific to the situation, some companies have requirements, and some do not.

2.2-wire block diagram:

Strive to simply and clearly express the visual effects of each page, it is best not to join the interaction, do not make the colorful, preferably black gray. Each situation is a page, each situation with a page to express, on the one hand you will be more clear the overall application of the interface number, in addition to the design will be more clear what you want, otherwise joined the interaction, design do not know how to point, you have to explain half a day.

2.2 Page Flowchart :

Compare similar to previous information structure diagram, page flowchart This is to use each page to do the connection, the visual more clear links and jumps in each link.

2.3 High-fidelity prototype diagram:

The requirements for interaction are higher. Need to be more complete to show the interaction between the various functions, in addition to visually try to restore the real product appearance. (About Axure, can learn sun course, very good, a lot of people think it is too wordy, but you seriously look down still very much receiving goods)

2.4 Interactive Description:

I personally think that the interaction description and the high-fidelity prototype have coincident, if the high-fidelity, then most of the interactive action can basically show. But in some places the interactive effect is that the software can not be done, this time you need to use the interactive explanation.

If the text and pictures do not explain the direct use of paper to simulate. Don't underestimate this way.

Here do interactive tagging tool recommended several to everyone: Mac computer decisive is sketch, Windows has SnagIt, punctuate, fscapture, in addition Viso can also be labeled.

Third, UI design

In general, the interactive designer of the line block diagram to the designer, the designer can start. This process, interaction and design to communicate, after all, the UI will have their own professional degree, she will have their own design insight, which is normal.

Iv. implementation of the project

Design output, the interaction of the work is done, the project manager should be executed, the status of the present is only a very large company will have, in general, the product manager directly concurrently. It is to be reminded that before implementation, a variety of relevant specifications must be set up first. Like what:

4.1,apk, API file naming conventions, and management of different types of installation packages:

This is all my personal experience, to do this, will be the future of the installation package management will be greatly helpful. We then set up a developer environment, the environment of the APK, API files can only be used in the LAN class, in this environment can be arbitrary toss and test, will not affect the already on-line applications.

The installation package icon and naming that are packaged in a developer environment are differentiated from the apps in the online environment. Later on in the test will not be because of the various versions of the fuss.

4.2APK, API File management

4.2.1 Development version: pure development of their own use or product use, other unrelated personnel generally will not be exposed to this version. Network environment: Use only in a specific network environment (requires technicians to build the environment).

4.2.2 Beta version: After the product and testing personnel of the detailed testing, basically there is no bug, it can be taken out to the company's people to use, is also considered a stability test before the line. Network environment: Can be used only in a specific environment (requires technology to build the environment).

4.2.3 Store version: APK, API file ready to be submitted to the market. After the development version, the public test version of the comprehensive testing, to eliminate all the unstable bug, the packaging of the store version still need to be the final check of the tester, and finally must ensure that the ready-to-go APK, API files are the final check of the testers, Otherwise if the development if the changes do not notify the test and product personnel, on-line after the problem and then change late.

Five, app test and version number management

Good version of the management, the early should be clear, otherwise after the product on-line, there is a bug to improve, or add new features to the old version whether there is an impact, this time the version number of the good management will play a big role, on the one hand you can always find out the previous online apk, API files, On the other hand, the face of constantly changing the packaging of documents not to confuse themselves.

Here is my personal opinion, such as which Daniel has a good way to share. Version number is always unique, is in turn iterative progressive, do not want to go online when the version number to deliberately interfere with the version number, it is strictly forbidden to make multiple sets of version number.

Test notes:

UI, interaction, product in the development phase of technical personnel, to communicate with technical staff, it is best to refine the function into small functional modules, each time a good part of the notification to the relevant people to check, so as not to accumulate to the final problem too much modification action too large. The UI is responsible for looking at whether the development is implemented according to its own design, and the interaction is responsible for focusing on whether the interaction is in compliance with your criteria, and the product is responsible for the correct implementation of each feature.

Test cases: Good test cases can effectively promote the process of testing, good test case is to make the application of the various needs to test the situation of the use of words to describe clearly, this is the ability to read your words, test cases are written to the testers to test, which is their evaluation of the app is the standard.

Bug management tool: Bugtags,bugclose and so on, there are many, many are free, even if the charges do not care so little money, with the help of the bug management tool can effectively improve the efficiency of the collaboration between testers and technical personnel.

(iii) After the project is launched

Prior to the introduction of two parts, project pre-launch and project implementation. Project on-line, as the product needs to pay attention to a number of aspects, one is the app data, the second is user feedback, three is the demand extraction.

First, app data

New User: The user who launches the app for the first time;

Added standalone User: Sum of new users for all apps (go to weight)

Active Users: Users who start the same day are active users, including new users and old users;

Active Independent users: Total active users for the day (de-weight)

Mau:mau (monthly active users) monthly number of active subscribers.

Number of active Users Dau:dau (Daily active user) day. Often used to reflect the operation of websites, Internet applications or online games.

User retention: In the Internet industry, users who begin to use the app for a certain period of time, continue to use the app after a period of time, are considered to be retained users. This part of the user account for the percentage of new users at that time is the retention rate, according to every 1 units of time (example day, week, month) to statistics.

40-20-10 rule in user retention: If you want to make the game, app dau more than 1 million, the daily retention rate should be greater than 40%, and the weekly retention rate and monthly retention rate are greater than 20% and 10% respectively.

Next-day retention rate: (number of users who were added on the day after the 1th Day)/new total number of users on the first day;

Retention rate on the 2nd day: (The number of users added on the first day, and active users on the 2nd day of the following)/The first day new total number of users;

Retention rate on the 7th day: (The number of users added on the first day, and active users on the 7th day of the following)/the first day of the total number of new users;

30th-Day Retention rate: (The number of users added on the first day, and active users on the next 30th day)/new total number of users on the first day.

The other is the app's buried data, the function of the click-through rate is how much? How many people have this feature open, and how many people are using it? How many people are using this feature frequently? And so on, these buried data should always be concerned. Integrate data changes to reflect on functional design issues to optimize your product.

Second, user feedback and comments

Product on-line, user feedback and comments for the product personnel is particularly valuable material, on the one hand this is your real user's intuitive feeling, on the other hand they express the direct demand. So, how to deal with the user's opinion is particularly important. It is certainly not possible for the user to feedback what we do. In many cases, users express only a superficial phenomenon, to learn to explore the nature of the needs behind the user. To study some of the world's most revolutionary products, to learn more about people.

When we see the idea of flying around, we have to learn to think, not to accept it all and copy it completely.

is not our goal? Think about who our target users are.

Is the usage scenario set up? Or is this just a very individual scenario requirement.

Is the user's goal correct? Is our app designed to meet the needs of our users?

Is the product positioning correct? If this function is done, does it fit the positioning of our products?

If this function is to be done, will the project resources be satisfied? If you need to take all the resources to do this, you should be cautious and cautious.

Third, demand extraction

Perhaps the user's opinion is a round, but after analysis, it is possible to get the demand is a triangle.

"If I initially asked the consumer what they wanted, they would have told me, ' Get a faster horse! ’”

-This is a classic quote from Henry Ford, and now we see it in the biography of Jobs.

More than 100 years ago, Ford's founder, Henry Ford, ran around and asked the client, "What better way of transportation do you need?" "Almost everyone's answer is:" I want a faster horse. " A lot of people heard the answer and ran to the racecourse to pick up the horses to meet their needs. But Mr. Ford did not immediately go to the racecourse, but went on to ask.

Ford: "Why do you need a horse that is faster?" ”

Customer: "Because you can run faster!" ”

Ford: "Why do you need to run faster?" ”

Customer: "Because then I can get to the destination earlier." ”

Ford: "So, what's the real intention of a faster horse?" ”

Customer: "Get to your destination faster and with less time!" ”

Instead of running to the racecourse, Ford chose to make a car to meet the needs of its customers.

There are two categories of customer demand, explicit demand and recessive demand. What we know through market research is that there are a number of overt needs such as "I Want a faster horse". The customer's explicit needs are not the real needs of the customer. Companies need to dig deep and capture the information they gather to understand what their hidden needs are, and then analyze what their real needs are (for example, getting to a destination faster and quicker). This is the process of a requirement analysis.

"It's our job to read things that are still down on paper," Mr. Jobs said. "is actually a deep excavation of the user's hidden needs.

This document is for author Huafei (huaguolong179), article source: Bird's cousin notes, reproduced please indicate the source bird's note and accompanying author information.

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Share to Liu Erhai: compared to poetry and distance, the reality is to win the stand, lose the lie down external contributions 17 minutes ago

September 21 ~ 22nd, the two-day venture state 2016 innovation China Finals and Autumn Summit held in Hangzhou. Liu Erhai, founder and executive partner of Pleasure Capital, gave a wonderful speech.

Liu Erhai invested in the Shenzhou car rental, easy car network, Shenzhou chauffeur, Tenjin Interactive, dream World, Renren, Zhaopin, Yimei, tiger Car, excellent faith, car King used cars, Lok movement excellence, music elements, micro-film era, pudding Hotel, excellent customer yat home, good rental network, dream Plus, small pig short rental and other enterprises, Is the most car-savvy investor in China.

Sharp views are as follows:

Poetry and distance are people yearning, but also inevitably can not be achieved. You need to do these three points: stay in your strengths, accumulate/explore, find a breakthrough.

When someone takes something that makes you less enjoyable, you should think of it as your rite of adulthood. If you can't stop these attacks, you should sacrifice them.

We are most concerned about the integration of the network and industry, from information to transactions, now to the era of integration.

The following is the full speech, organized by the entrepreneurial State

Without my confirmation:

Today, I talk about our own origins, we started last June 16 as a dollar fund, to now invest about more than 100 million U.S. dollars, the renminbi to invest about 400 million yuan, invested nearly 20 projects, the speed is very fast, including the Chinese car, but also the recent bike riding bicycles, as well as the cars, Piggy short rent and so on.

I was an entrepreneur once.

I was the "veteran" of the Internet industry in 95. At that time there were two commercial networks, one was the Golden Bridge Network, the other was chinanet, and there were international exports. At that time, the network was not too much, I was arranged to go to research and development, is to download all kinds of things. Later found a direction, because my university Graduate School of Communication, began to fax on the Internet, then very profitable.

About 97 years, I went to Los Angeles, to see the computer room there, there are a lot of labels written, this is to Singapore, to Taipei, Hong Kong. I asked the partner, what is this? He said it was an IP phone. After I heard it, I felt good and came back and we started to do it in Shenzhen and Beijing. After getting 5 million dollars, this is the company's internal business, and finally got the country issued a license. At that time our phone card was very hot, older people may have used our IP phone card, this has been done for six years.

Until 2000 I went to foreign companies, and then there is a chance, I joined the CRC Network company, and did more than two years. When I was in a foreign company, CRC was a potential customer. CRC Mister said, you join the company, six months later you are the CEO. At that time very excited, in fact, the salary is very low, 2000 years or so I in foreign companies plus bonuses, salary basically can earn 1 million yuan a year. But to go there only 10,000 yuan, I want to be young, not just for the money to go, to join the inside to small network companies.

Then it happened that June Lian Capital 2002 years of contact, 03 I joined. I remember very well that another friend heard that I was going to change my job and wanted to introduce me to a job. I said I had come to June Lian Capital, I heard they voted a catering company good, others are not very clear. It can be seen that the investment in this industry is very early, we are not so persistent and excited about this matter. In June Lian I began in 2003, has been done in 2015, for 12 years.

What does it take to realize poetry and distance?

I am also an entrepreneur myself. People often talk about poetry and distance. Poetry and distance are people yearning, but also inevitably can not be achieved. If you can't accumulate to a degree, it's actually very difficult.

First of all, stay on your merits. I remember Mr. Buffett saw little Watson writing his father's memoirs of IBM's founder, and he said, Little Watson himself, "I know I'm not smart everywhere, but I know I have some places where I can do good, and I'll stay in that place." This is the essence of all business, Mr. Buffett said. In other words, you accumulate to a certain extent, you use your strengths, you can stay in that place, this is very important core.

Secondly, the formation of snowball effect, accumulation, exploration. Originally we have done operation management, to later make the corresponding investment feeling is also better. Especially with the entrepreneur will be more close, because they have done, know that the matter is not so easy, there is no need to have so many problems. In fact, there are a lot of questions that we are exploring. Entrepreneurs also need to accumulate.

Third, you need to choose a breakthrough, which is particularly important. Because people often hope that the last thrilling leap, you do a product, or leave the original place, it is impossible to design good, this time courage will be more important.

How does poetry and distance achieve it? This concludes with three articles:

Stay in their strengths, focus on accumulation, find a breakthrough.

What is a dream?

All in you are willing to go to all in the goal, otherwise can not be called the dream, that is fantasy.

Mr. Masayoshi Son has a good saying,

"I am relying on a lack of reason for self-confidence, do not need reason for self-confidence to open their own life."

If you can't stop your opponent from attacking,

Then you should sacrifice, that's the competition.

A lot of things can make a startup die, it's not easy to survive. Just got the investment, two people fight there. To a certain extent, the spoils are uneven. New in the team, began to noisy there. After coming to recruit, suddenly from ten or twenty people to six hundred or seven hundred people, and immediately to fifty or sixty people. It's not easy to die, so it's very important to be cautious.

The United States often speaks from zero to one, the model of technological innovation. China has two more latitude, one is industry, the other is social development. I liken it to the American industry as a pizza, a traditional industry and a high-tech. China is more like a lasagna, mixed together, all kinds of. In this case, the competition has been upgraded very quickly due to insufficient technological innovation.

When someone competes with you, especially when you take something that makes you less enjoyable, you should think of it as your rite of adulthood. If you can't stop these attacks, you should sacrifice them. This is also a road, although not willing to go. If you can't stop yourself, you'll have to. Win the stand, lose the lie down, competition is like this.

The most wanted investment area is food

China's food safety problem is shameful

In fact, I really want to invest in food companies, although we do is TMT. Because the people take food as the day, China is called GDP to the world second, food also often has security problems, it is embarrassing.

In addition to food, in 2017 we are most concerned about the integration of networks and industries. In the past we divided it into three stages, the first stage was information, and the second stage was a variety of transactions. Now the opportunities for trading are gradually decreasing, but the fusion (phase III) comes out and the combination is service. Including now "The Bicycle" is also the same, it is the Internet company, it also has bicycles, combined with the formation of services, this kind of thing is not only 2017 to pay attention to, but also for a considerable period of time in the future, the special need to pay attention to, is the integration, I think the fusion era is now.

researcher investment in big coffee, more than 2000 investors, 500 venture capital institutions, 12 Angel teams, 8 special sessions, 109 entrepreneurial projects at the peak Showdown, the interpretation of innovative China's unbounded charm.

one by one to find, or September in Hangzhou to see the investors all? Innovation China Autumn Summit, 500 investment Big coffee, wait for you.

After watching you can also be independent of the project! The Product Manager does all the work in the app from beginning to end!

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