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AIX Toolbox for Linux applications

Open Source packages available for installation on AIX 5L

This software was offered on ' as-is ' basis. Refer to the licensing and installation instructions for further information.

Note:this software is incompatible with some earlier versions. If you are have Rpm.rte installed at a level less than, then you'll need to reinstall that software in order to con Tinue. The AIX Toolbox for Linux applications ReadMe for further information.

To download a particular file via a Netscape browser, hold down the Shift-key and the left Mouse-button. Choose the binary RPMs unless you in modifying and compiling a program yourself.

These packages are available for installation using the RPM Package Manager. Download the AIX INSTALLP image for the RPM Package manager for power.

For further information, installation tips, and news, please refer to the AIX Toolbox for Linux applications ReadMe.

If you are wish to access the source code for any of the above packages, it is recommended so you visit the official download Si Te of the package maintainer directly. A link to each download site appears in the table below. These links are provided "As-is" and would take you to sites this are not owned or controlled by IBM. IBM is isn't accountable for the contents of this sites and is isn't acting as a distributor of the code on such sites. IBM in no way warrants this code or other information on this sites is accurate, would function in a particular manner , or is non-infringing of the a third party's intellectual property rights. Please contact the maintainers of the "Code for information on" The licenses and documentation that accompany the source cod E distributed from their site.

Some Open source licenses (such as the GPL) require that "we also make" source available to in request. For packages governed by such licenses, your can still get the source from the official package site Urce from the US via this link:source Images. Only those sources with licenses requiring source redistribution are found to this site. Developers building their own RPM images may also is interested in the spec files and patches.

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Official download site of the packages
Package Version License Binary RPM Source Description
A2ps 4.13 License Rpm Source GNU A2ps is a any to PostScript filter.
Aalib-devel 1.2 License Rpm Source The static libraries and header files for Aa-lib.
Aalib 1.2 License Rpm Source An ASCII art library.
Acme 2.4.0 License Rpm Source ACME The versatile keyboard daemon
Afterstep 1.8.10 License Rpm Source An X window manager which emulates the look and feel of NEXTSTEP (R).
Apache-devel 1.3.31 License Rpm Source Development Tools for the Apache WEB server.
Apache-manual 1.3.31 License Rpm Source Documentation for the Apache WEB server.
Apache 1.3.31 License Rpm Source The most widely used WEB server on the Internet.
Arts 1.0.0 License Rpm Source Analog Real-time synthesizer
Aspell-devel License Rpm Source The static libraries and header files needed for Aspell development.
Aspell License Rpm Source A spelling checker.
At-spi-devel 1.3.7 License Rpm Source Development libraries and headers for AT-SPI
At-spi 1.3.7 License Rpm Source Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
Atk-devel 1.10.3 License Rpm Source Accessibility Toolkit development files.
Atk 1.10.3 License Rpm Source Interfaces for accessibility support.
Audiofile-devel 0.2.5 License Rpm Source Library, headers, etc. to develop with the Audio File library.
Audiofile 0.2.5 License Rpm Source A Library to handle various audio file formats.
autoconf213 2.13 License Rpm Source A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
Autoconf 2.59 License Rpm Source A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code.
Automake 1.8.5 License Rpm Source A GNU tool for automatically creating makefiles.
Bash-doc 3.0 License Rpm Source Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash).
Bash 3.0 License Rpm Source The GNU Bourne Again Shell (bash).
Bc 1.06 License Rpm Source GNU ' s BC (a numeric processing language) and DC (a calculator).
Binutils 2.14 License Rpm Source The GNU binutils Development utilities
Bison 1.875 License Rpm Source A GNU general-purpose parser generator.
Bug-buddy 2.4.0 License Rpm Source A Bug Reporting Utility for GNOME.
Bzip2 1.0.2 License Rpm Source A file compression utility.
Cairo-devel 1.0.2 License Rpm Source Headers for Cairo
Cairo 1.0.2 License Rpm Source Cairo provides anti-aliased vector-based rendering for X.
Cdda2wav 1.9
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