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A simple example of invoking the servlet with Ajax get and post was in the previous article. In If the input is Chinese, then the return will be garbled. Just then saw a solution to the Ajax in the post Chinese when the solution garbled method.

Plus the method of setting character encoding:
Response.setheader ("CharSet", "gb2312");

See the original note as follows:

With Ajax to get back to a page, responsetext inside the Chinese will probably appear garbled, this is because XMLHTTP in the process of returning responsetext, is the resposebody by UTF-8 encoded into the decoding test formed, If the server is really a UTF-8 of the data stream when the Chinese characters will be displayed correctly, and send out the GBK code stream when the chaos. The solution is to add a header in the stream to indicate what code stream is being sent, so that the XMLHTTP will not be messed up.

Php:header (' content-type:text/html;charset=gb2312 ');
ASP:Response.Charset ("GB2312")
JSP:response.setHeader ("Charset", "GB2312");


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