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The emergence of Web bears the brunt of Ajax. If you do not learn Ajax today, it will be obviously outdated, and the environment for learning Ajax is Asp.net, then you have to learn about ajax.net. The first step is the environment configuration, as shown below:

Vs2005 + sql2005 + WINXP SP2 + ie6.0 + office2003

Download Tool

1. aspajaxextsetup. MSI


2. aspajaxsourcecode. MSI


3. ajaxcontroltoolkit



A friend told me that the ajaxcontroltoolkit cannot be downloaded. The download link is provided. Sorry

Http://ajax.asp.net/downloads/default.aspx? Tabid = 47

Http://www.codeplex.com/AtlasControlToolkit/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx? Releaseid = 1425

The environment settings are as follows:

After downloading the aspajaxextsetup. MSI installation and update, this folder appears under your system disk (using disk C as an example:

C:/program files/Microsoft ASP. NET/ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions/v1.0.61025

After installing this, we can create the Asp.net ajaxenabledwebsite, which is actually a template for the ajax.net website. However, we cannot use the Ajax control developed by Microsoft. You need to know how to use the ajax.net control.

Download the ajaxcontroltoolkit. The above two are toolkit with source code and without source code. We recommend that you download the Toolkit with source code. Decompress the downloaded file:

C:/program files/Microsoft ASP. NET/ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions/v1.0.61025/ajaxcontronltoolkit/

Double-click to run ajaxcontroltoolkit. sln.

Use vs2005 to open the SLN, compile the templatevsi project, and run the following command in C:/program files/Microsoft ASP. net/asp.. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions/samplewebsite/bin. DLL and ajaxcontroltoolkit. copy PDB

C:/program files/Microsoft ASP. NET/ASP. NET 2.0 Ajax extensions/binaries folder, so that we can use the ajax.net controls in vs2005.

Create an Ajax controltoolkitwebsite web project. Add a new tab named ajaxcontroltoolkit In the toolbar.

On this tab, right-click and choose items> browse to find the copied ajaxcontroltoolkit. dll and add it. In this way, the ajax.net control is successfully referenced in vs2005.

Now you can create an Ajax controltoolkitwebsite project to have fun. I will write it here today. Later I will introduce the specific usage of each ajax.net control and the control below vs2005. I hope you will continue to pay attention to this topic. If you have any questions, you can discuss them here.

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