All keyboard shortcuts provided by SQL Server Query Analyzer (GO)

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The following table lists all keyboard shortcuts provided by SQL Server Query Analyzer.
Active shortcuts
Bookmarks: Clears all bookmarks. Ctrl-shift-f2
Bookmarks: inserting or deleting bookmarks (toggle). Ctrl+f2
Bookmark: Move to the next bookmark. F2 function keys
Bookmark: Move to the previous bookmark. Shift+f2
Cancel the query. Alt+break
Connect: Connect. Ctrl+o
Connect: Disconnect. Ctrl+f4
Connect: Disconnect and close the child window. Ctrl+f4
Database object information. Alt+f1
EDIT: Clears the Active Editor pane. Ctrl+shift+del
Edit: Comment Code. Ctrl+shift+c
Edit: Copy. You can also use Ctrl+insert. CTRL + C
Edit: Cut. You can also use Shift+del. Ctrl+x
Edit: Decrease Indentation. Shift+tab
Edit: Delete to the end of the line in the Editor pane. Ctrl+del
Edit: Find. Ctrl+f
Edit: Go to line number. Ctrl+g
Edit: Increase Indent. TAB
Edit: Make the selection lowercase. Ctrl+shift+l
Edit: Make the selection uppercase. Ctrl+shift+u
Edit: Paste. You can also use Shift+insert. CTRL + V
Edit: Delete the comment. Ctrl+shift+r
Edit: Repeats the last search or find the next. F3 function keys
EDIT: Replace. Ctrl+h
EDIT: Select All. CTRL + A
Edit: Undo. CTRL + Z
Executes the query. You can also use ctrl+e (for backward compatibility). F5 function keys
SQL Query Analyzer Help. F1 function keys
Help for the selected Transact-SQL statement. Shift+f1
Browse: Toggle between the query pane and the Results pane. F6 function keys
Browse: Toggle panes. Shift+f6
Browse: Window selector. Ctrl+w
New Query window. CTRL + N
Object Browser (Show/Hide). F8 function keys
Object Search. F4 function keys
Parse the query and check the syntax. Ctrl+f5
Print. Ctrl+p
Result: Displays the results in a tabular format. Ctrl+d
Result: Displays the results in text format. Ctrl+t
Result: Move the splitter. Ctrl+b
Result: Saves the result as a file. Ctrl+shift+f
Result: Displays the Results pane (toggle). Ctrl+r
Save. Ctrl+s
Templates: inserting templates. Ctrl+shift+insert
Template: Replace template parameters. Ctrl+shift+m
Optimization: Displays the estimated execution plan. Ctrl+l
Optimization: Show execution Plan (toggle on/off). Ctrl+k
Optimization: Index Tuning Wizard. Ctrl+i
Optimization: Show Customer statistics Ctrl+shift+s
Optimization: Displays server traces. Ctrl+shift+t
Use the database. Ctrl+u

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All keyboard shortcuts provided by SQL Server Query Analyzer (GO)

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