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Since the introduction of ASP technology by Micorsoft, the powerful functions of ASP in creating dynamic interactive sites and the simplicity of code writing have led, ASP has been widely used in more and more Internet/Intranet/exists websites, especially for website application systems involving database operations. However, due to the well-known reasons, ASP can only work on Microsoft's Windows NT platform + IIS Web Server software, and can also be used in Windows 9x + PWS, but it can only be used for debugging or learning, therefore, the limitations of ASP applications are determined. According to relevant information, there are about 15% websites using Windows operating system platforms and server software, that is to say, nearly 85% of websites cannot adopt ASP technology. Most commercial websites use Unix, Linux, Soris, Netware, and other operating systems and corresponding servers. This shows that ASP technology is indeed very limited in application.
Is ASP not applicable to non-Windows platforms? Of course not. so far, we have at least two options: chili ASP of Chilisoft4 and iASP of Halcycon (InstantASP ). halcyonsoft puts forward the "ASP Anytime, Anywhere" slogan and develops iASP, so that ASP can be used not only on websites that use Windows operating system platforms and server software, it can also be used on websites that use other operating systems such as Unix, Linux, Soris, Netware, and corresponding servers. IASP fully inherits the advantages of ASP and is fully compatible with ASP. Therefore, ASP Application systems can be directly transplanted to iASP environments on non-Windows operating systems, the ASP application system is truly a cross-platform Internet, Intranet, or excompute application system.
Compared with ASP, iASP not only has advantages in supporting the operating system platform, but also has obvious advantages in using third-party components to build an ASP application system. IASP not only supports popular ActiveX components, but also supports popular Enterprise JavaBeans components and CORBA compatible components. Therefore, the ASP application system is more powerful and widely used. In addition to MS Visual development tools and Borland development tools, you can also use Java development tools to give component developers more choices so that they can develop relevant components more easily.
IASP has two versions: Windows operating system platform and server software, and Unix, Linux, Soris, Netware operating system and corresponding server software. The latest version is 1.0.9, recently launched a FREE version of Linux, can be downloaded FREE of charge on the site, its function is basically the same as the official version, network developers who want to use ASP in special Unix and Linux local networks may wish to download a trial with a file size of more than 9 MB.
I. iASP software environment requirements
IASP software is fully compiled using Java programming language and requires support from JDK 1.1.x or later versions. Therefore, JDK1.1.X or later must be installed on the system in advance. On the Linux platform, JDK11.X can be.
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