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We provide various official and user-released code examples. For code reference, you are welcome to exchange and learn. Imagine that when half of consumers in the Chinese market are online, enterprises do not have an Internet portal, what does this mean? This means that he has lost half of the market space, which means that he has lost as much performance as he does now. Of course, different enterprises have different features. However, for most enterprises, the Internet has become a huge gold mine. The only problem is how to mine data.

In March 22, Amway officially released its "Internet +" strategy in China, alibaba Cloud announced the establishment of a mobile social e-commerce system centered on Amway yilian network, Amway Digital Port APP, Amway cloud service number, and Amway Mobile Studio. According to the president of Amway, the proportion of online shopping in the next five years will reach 50%.

Why are all enterprises working on the Internet +? According to the survey statistics, as of 2015, the number of Internet users in China had reached 0.688 billion, the number of mobile Internet users reached 0.62 billion, and the number of monthly active users reached 0.549 billion. In other words, almost half of China's more than 1.3 billion people are living on the PC Internet, mobile Internet, and Internet.

Imagine what this means when half of the consumers in the entire Chinese market are online and enterprises do not have an Internet portal? This means that he has lost half of the market space, which means that he has lost as much performance as he does now. Of course, different enterprises have different features. However, for most enterprises, the Internet has become a huge gold mine. The only problem is how to mine data.

Not every mining company can build a super-large open-pit mining excavator on the drilling platform. Similarly, not every company can train a technical team to develop and design websites. This does not mean that we can only leave the gold mine alone. A coal boss has a coal boss. A small company has a small company. The network-wide marketing solution centered on the website builder is tailored for the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises to the Internet +.

Site treasure box network marketing solution: S = yanan

Here, you may say that I understand the solution, but what does network-wide marketing mean? Don't worry, please look down:

Simply put, the purpose of the network-wide marketing solution is not only to build a website, but also to build a complete network marketing system, integrate individual marketing decisions into the overall marketing strategy, so as to achieve the purpose of enterprise marketing as a guide to sort out the entire marketing process.

Specifically, the web-based marketing system has six core functions to achieve this.

The following is a detailed explanation:

1. Build a platform
Platforms are the foundation for enterprises to establish a foothold on the Internet. As mentioned above, both PC websites, mobile websites, and mobile websites have developed a huge user base. In terms of marketing value, these three platforms have their own merits: PC websites have deep roots, good experience, and a large number of users. However, they are poor in sharing and cannot take mobile terminals into account; mobile websites are born with the same root of PC websites and are designed for mobile platforms, but the presentation results are inferior. The mobile websites are different from those of the previous two. They are based on the circle of friends, make full use of the Fast Propagation of social networks, but it is almost completely closed to the outside world. There are no independent websites to access, and the search engine can only find a small number of people using sogou.
Therefore, the joint construction of the three network platforms is the best decision for enterprises. Only by integrating the three stations can the value of the Internet platforms be maximized. Maybe you will be worried that a website will be enough. How much initial and labor costs will the three websites increase? Don't worry, the website builder can quickly build a three-network platform in 30 minutes. Unified background management and one-click synchronous transmission to avoid repetitive website operations.

Ii. Powder suction tools
There is a saying that "the fans will win the World ". Xiaomi, the mobile phone giant of today, is born from the fan economy. To attract fans, seven tools are available for the webshell system.
Based on the needs of their own theme activities, enterprises can choose one or several tools, such as scratch cards, coupons, micro-scenarios, and cash red packets, to attract fans. With the help of red packets, the "weitao network" has increased by more than 20 thousand million fans in a day, which is a result of large-scale development.

3. User Interaction
Fans who are rising fast are also retiring quickly. How can we prevent fans from turning their faces and not recognizing their brands? At this time, we need to design some user interactions to have more intimate contact with consumers. The treasure chest provides games such as monkey rich games, grasping the big white game, and playing the treasure box. enterprises can contact nesinick to create their own brand games and put them on their own websites, share them through the platform to create "viral" word-of-mouth marketing, so that brands can spread among consumers.

4. consumption Promotion
I spent so much time not playing with customers. In any case, the enterprise's ultimate goal is to allow users to pay for consumption. In order to achieve a leap from potential customers to real customers, the website builder has four tips: Full discounts, discount packages, Group Buying seckilling, and discount promotions, these settings can be easily set on the back end of the website hosting box for convenient use.

5. User Accumulation
The profits that can be earned by one consumption are limited. Retaining users and driving them to consume repeatedly is the guarantee for long-term operation of the company, which truly exploits the customer's assets. The website Builder provides membership system, credit system, and fan management to stimulate users' second purchases and cultivate the most beneficial loyal customers.

Vi. Customer Relationship Management System
With the increasing number of enterprise customers, maintaining customer relationships has become the key for enterprises to maintain their market position. Through the membership management, order management, and data analysis functions provided by the website builder, we can sort out the entire sales process, find errors and deficiencies that can be improved, and optimize resource configuration, adjust marketing strategies based on customer characteristics to steadily improve our sales performance.

Based on these six core functions, enterprises can repeatedly complete a complete set of internet marketing processes. The web-based marketing solution of site building treasure is a concise solution to integrate and eliminate all the online marketing methods in the past. Because the effectiveness of a single marketing tool is limited and unstable. With the help of websitetreasure, the entire marketing activities of enterprises can be completed in one system, and resources can be concentrated to maximize their effectiveness.

The web-based marketing solution for website builder has three major packages: Enterprise Edition, mall edition, and distribution edition. The mall version is the upgrade of the Enterprise version in the electronic mall function, and the distribution version is the upgrade of the function in the distribution system, fully considering the different needs of the enterprise. If you think this product can help you with your "Internet +" transformation, you may wish to try it for free.

Site treasure box network marketing package: S = yanan

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